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Putter no false gods before ye! It was a test! That nasty god doesn't want us to like numbers. I had a feeling there was a 'g' in there somewhere. I guess I will have to go look it up. Dogs don't know and cats don't care. You know better. Cats were once worshipped as gods and have not forgotten this. Next lesson. How to give a cat a bath. It i R-rated. I'm still curious about the 7

Well, They are, physiologically. But I don't think you are talking about the physiology. I don't choose to set them apart. They are apart to begin with. And that "to treat as you would want to be treated" never helps when by "communication" you mean something more than gooddays and goodbyes. No wonder? I guess your hands are full of proof on my disability to get along with anybody? Because if they are not then you are just a liar.

And you talk as if we were discussing germaphrodite clones in bio tanks. That's not an argument. "No, the way anybody think is effective by how their DNA is arranged. Study some genetics!" "No, the way anybody think is effective by how their hormones are balanced. Study some chemistry!" "No, the way anybody think is effective by how electrical potential is dispersed over their brain. Study some physics!" "No, the way anybody think is effective by how God made them.

is God really dead?
As far as I know there was only the one and despite the fact I wasn't looking, nevermind believing, there God was. Maurice

RE: Josh by Gosh
by...:-) So many say Will that be sprinkles, or full dip?

So, what about genetics? Are you a fan of eugenics too? I don't know, I never sniffed turds too closely. Arigato, sayonara. Under sounds of deep silence

is God really dead?
It depends of witch Religion you believe in. Regards, Bo

I was in a local synagogue with two very funny anti-semites and talked to a Rabbi there. He stated openly: while Christianity and Islam are no so good as Judaism, they are still much better than paganism or atheism or whatever. That's not too hard for them to be tolerant; after all, practicing Jews see non-Jews as goyam, gentiles, lower beings. It is so easy to be tolerant of cats and dogs, isn't it? I am happy it is obivious.

Your inference is in errror (Tapping black-board) Anti simply means 'against' ...unless you millitantly perspire! I trying not to be militant... Whew. I'm glad! (Gently putting down grenade, held for 'defence' just able it's not a crime. Yer entitled. Exellent! Religion Fine! Dependance need not have chains attached. And you think that people think that people, like me who tink that there is validity to the idea that there is Good in the abstract, before it

Get a job that you like. There is nothing more important.

RE: Can't Win For Losing
STILL of And not once did anyone mention the weather! I remember thinking once 'if I ever get out of this remember, the worst part of it is the weather'. 50 years. Seems like only a half century ago.

If you knew anything...
ANYTHING about anything you would know that A 64 B 65 (And 13 means "ENTER") Greetings, from a far more precise wrld than yours...:-)

RE: Can't Win For Losing
Better than being nuts and NOT fucking, I dare say... No, not absolutely, even at being nuts you're only about 65% And so is everybody else... Whaaaat? _I_ wasn't polled! in this fucked-up world. Uh, which one is that? The one you live in or the one I do? And just when did fuckupidness begin? 1918? !970? 4 B.C.? Who makes the judgment call?

RE: Belief/Knowledge/Rea
The biggest belief: Atheists believe that if theists' belief in God had any validity they would be able to offer evidence of such. A silly belief, but they think it is gospel F. Scott Fitzgerard differs. Come to think of it, everyone since Aristotle differs. This is low grade semantic nonsense. The name _means_ no god. Sheeeesh. This is not true. it is a belief. This is. Or at the very least, man has been unable This

Moreau less, I dare to guess
Not true, Lee. He's been asking for you. There's a packet that came in the mail, with a ticket to his island in. The only problem is there was $500.00 in postage due... Send me the five hundred...and you'll be on yer way! Regards, Ann Othegreedywyn PO Box (NO CARRIER)

RE: is God really dead?
After dictating this universe, he forgot to sign it... He's napping, and I think, dreaming...possibly of us. ...uh...this is FYI. Don't tell anyone.

is God even ill?
the most I just installed as screen-savers a large bunch of Hubble pictures. I do believe they are the most...uh...religious pictures I have ever seen. I even remembered an old text: What art man, that Thou art mindful of him? I am latterly not sure what belief in God MEANS. The way I understand it we cannot possibly comprehend the enormity of the universe(s) OR anti-particles popping intoexistance 11 dimensions Vertical Time or God's existance. But I believe more in

is God really deaf?
There are those that say the question is impossible: The word "happened", indicates a passage of time, the which (those say) God transcends. As you may know time is being seriously brought into question as a linear sequence of events (Hawking's "The Universe in a Nutshell"

God is nowhere
Damn! I just KNEW I've been missing some of the neat-o posts. I bet She posted in color.

RE: Above Morality
on Huge rant deleted. Calm down! What part of "large number of problems" didn't you get? You are begining to sound fanatical,