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As with freedom and equality, they are ideals to which one can actively try to approach, however. Regarding religious tolerance, the Roman empire did do a creditable job. (Two major exceptions: Druids (who were into human sacrifice as well as opposing Roman rule) and Christians (who opposed Roman rule and whose religion sounded like human sacrifice). So "tolerance" is something where you think that that "states rights" and "keeping government at a minimum" suddenly shouldn't apply?? An interesting argument for

Thanks! Will keep an eye peeled.

Some Oddball Religions
I agree--there is a nutty charm!

pow on. Poor babies. They get to whine about it endlessly every Sunday on local TV, all the time on the radio station that provides their programming nonstop 24/7, throughout all the pulpits and church magazines, have hordes of true believers that threaten to pull subscriptions at the mere mention of another POV, yet all this means that to get their matyr brownie points they have to complain about being persecuted if they have to merely put up with seeing

a Since it was on false pretexts (WMD), he got his war. That makes two wars so far, in the first two years of an administration, pretty near a record. But he's a Godly president, and evidently that means slaying unbelievers. Or putting the foot on the neck so that Franklin Graham can convert them. No wonder this asshole kept talking about a crusade, and had a general named so coincidentally Franks to lead it. (Given your ignorance

There's a poignant moment in Khruschev's memoirs where K catches Stalin saying that he couldn't trust anyone, even himself.

Actually, the evidence I presented--and which you quoted out-- was that it was *before* 1864. I must sorrowfully conclude that you do not have high standards of honesty or honor, and so there is little point for me to continue this thread with someone who is so reckless of facts. But thanks for showing me how intellectually honest Confederate apologists are not.

"Cleansed" Greenland Cabinet Falls
It's useful to remind fundies about how praying to a dead snake on a stick was supposedly demonstrated to be effective. Of course, when I'm reminded of the book about the Hari Krishna's going belly up titled "Monkey on a Stick." Not only does it have murder, but it has public sexual abuse too.

Diploma mills
use Too bad he hasn't participated here lately, he really undercut both his politics and the religion he tried to keep hidden.

Spiritual Imperialism
What a straight line! My mild response among many more tart ones is that it saves considerable prayer time. Of course, if I want to kill someone or otherwise behave an obnoxious religionist, I can always say I was following my own orders.

Stalin was indeed dumb, since he not only continued supplying the raw materials to German after Hitler quit doing so, but even after Hitler attacked, there were a few days before Stalin could bring himself to admit that Hitler had done so. Incidentally, this 180-degree-turnaround cost Stalin considerably in support elsewhere. The thinking Communists found this very hard to stomach. You mean Stalin had to know the exact day beforehand before he could prepare against the Nazi onslaught? You yourself

Lollard Bible
You mean why did the RCC prohibit vernacular translations and then change its mind? The reason for the prohibition in the first place was that the Cathars were so effective in using the OT to show that the OT God was Satan.

Trujillo? He was indeed a sunovabitch but should the US really get involved in being judge, jury and bought executioner? Among other things, other nations might start to tune out our song about democracy especially after our military invasion so soon after Trujillo's assassination..

That is it. My understanding is that the Syrian paper this originated from confused this with a warning the Israeli gov offered to Israeli citizens in NYC immediately afterward. Besides, I've looked at the list of 9/11 dead, and there were a few names that had to be Jewishe (Cohen, etc.)

A seinsible christian
Hi Gang, This came in via email, and I think it worth repeating, even if it _is_ by a catholic: Published on Thursday, May 29, 2003 by the National Catholic Reporter Is There Anything Left That Matters? by Joan Chittister, OSB This is what I don't understand: All of a sudden nothing seems to matter. First, they said they wanted Bin Laden "dead or alive." But they didn't get him. So now they tell us that it doesn't matter. Our

Kill 'em Sheriff: Texas woman says God told her to kill sons No decision on seeking death penalty, attorney says Tuesday, May 13, 2003 Posted: 10:12 AM EDT (1412 GMT) Deanna LaJune Laney made her first brief court appearance Monday. Deanna Laney was arrested by Smith County, Texas, police for allegedly beating her two sons to death. CNN affiliate KLTV reports (May 13) TYLER, Texas (CNN) Whether authorities will seek the death penalty against a Texas woman accused of

I'm God Woman's Phone Number Matches Number In Movie POSTED: 2:04 p.m. EST May 29, 2003 SCHERERVILLE, Ind. Mary Mitchell was confused when she got a call on her cell phone last week asking: "Are you really God?" Nineteen calls later, she finally learned what was happening. The last seven digits of her phone number are the same as the number repeatedly displayed on Jim Carrey's pager whenever God tries to summon his character in the new hit movie "Bruce

Sirens of Titan!
Lack of belief is not a belief ergo you're mistaken. You're mistaken again. One doesn't have to believe in anything.

Diploma mills
You owe me $100.00. Pay up. Who makes the claim provide the evidence. Otherwise you owe me $100.00. Pay up. You're wrong again. Those that follow the demonstrably false beliefs of others are themselves demonstrated mistaken.

Phelps chickens out!
<-heh-> One shouldn't go anywhere without one's gay transvestites.