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Fair enough,. Ah, bugger,. Er no,. Yes i do,. May be, but maybe he has talked it to death in other places,.


G'day Ivan,. I dont have the time or the will right now,. I dont have the time or the will right now,. the No it does not,. Prove there are not Gas Cmbers,. I dont know what most other people on this echo know, but i do know what i strongly suspect most other people on this echo and on this planet know, and that does not make me a lyer,. No, because 1, talking to you bores me very

'God told me' is no excuse
I've been away for a little bit. As you're probably aware, the "Killed by a Satanic cult" card has been played. I'm really looking forward to hearing them go back and forth about this one come the time of the trial. Trial by the press is not a new thing, unfortunately. I'm going to be curious to see what kind of "White like us" treatment Eric Rudolph gets. He hates homasexyools, he bombs clinics and gay night clubs and New

'God told me' is no excus
It's a crime in this country to not report child abuse to the authorities. The Catholic Church has, on numerous occasions, admitted to not doing this when their priests molested little children. Instead, they cover it up and move the priest elsewhere, waiting for the proverbial bomb to explode later. Oddly, this organization and its priests have not been seriously prosecuted as they should have been, probably because someone's afraid that they're going to burn in Hell if they fuck

No, not "just like." Try again.

Who was it who said "Answer with arguments, not emotion" in this echo on 5/18/03?

Common Sense Memoria 1/2
Well, if you want to pursue -that- angle, if people would stop -buying- that dishwater and instead buy quality coffee, then McDonalds would lose that market as people had to sue someone else for getting burnt. Are you fucking kidding? We have entered the age where the government is beginning to give us what we wanted: Total control, because we're either too fucking lazy or too fucking stupid to do things for ourselves. The hilarious thing is watching people

Common Sense Memoria 2/2
Well, yes, I understand that, but no matter how you spin it, it's no longer the country when it's some big golf course community with a bunch of schools and parks and, oh yeah, a pond (I'm speaking of the Lantana community off of 407, which has pretty much overrun Copper Canyon...and Copper Canyon's original name? Copperhead Canyon. Guess what still lives in that area, and sure enough, people complain about all the snakes...). I noticed that our second traffic

Is "Lee Lofaso" a Joke?
As has often been said in this forum, given the wide variety of nutty beliefs that are expressed, it can often be difficult to discern the trolls from the True Believers. We've had plenty of genuine UFO believers, the occasional Holocaust denier, and the occasional moon landing denier, for example. They're legit, so again, you might understand how it may take some time to identify the frauds.

Let's hear it from the bishops
This argument is only valid when directed to Muslims who need to stand up and give a resounding middle finger to those who cling to Wahabism. When it comes to Christianity, we're expected to accept mutterings of "They're not True Christians" and move on with things.

MAD Magazine's Don Martin
I was amused to hear of a Lord of the Rings musical (that has apparently driven Tolkien's son into fits of near-apoplexy). Somewhere in the back room I've got an issue of MAD with just that: Their take on a LOTR musical. Truth IS stranger than fiction.

Moon Landings Hoax
Your statement does not answer my question. I'm with them, as I'm of the opinion that Oswald had some help, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I buy into convoluted theories about the mob, Castro, LBJ, the Dixie Chicks, or others.

Moon Landings Hoax
"You are not making any sense."

Santorum and Gomorrah 1/2
And this is the Religiously Incorrect echo... Aha! A fan of Adolf Hitler! And of Benito Mussolini! And of Tojo! And of Josef Stalin! And of Mao Tse-Tung! And of Pol Pot! And of Saddam Hussein! And of all future dictators! Oh, yeah man. We all poked fun at a little bitty German guy with a funny mustache and look at what he did to change the world. We all poked fun at a macho Italian Stallion who thought he

Santorum and Gomorrah 2/2
We live in a television age today. As such, visual images are most important. And fifteen-second sound bites. Do the gay thing, and have straight folks dress in drag. If Uncle Miltie were still around, he'd show folks how to do it the way it should be done. La Cage Aux Folles was a smashing success at the movies. La Cage Aux Folles II was a smashing success at the movies. La Cage Aux Folles III was a smashing success

doesn't You can't flub ANY of the questions.

Story of Stupidity bi
Then it lost from the start, when it took over the penninsula and absorbed Celtic, Greek, and Etruscan peoples, before expanding elsewhere. How about proportionately? Ah, then your concern is then not really about migration of peoples, is it? After all, for most of this country's life there was no legal attempt to stem the migrant tide. And consider that the first concern was about the Irish Ah, as far as numbers go, do you then think

W Wants Drug Addicts to S
King Conisder that Juan Carlos has said that he had to lie or keep secret from Franco his convictions about a democratic constitutional monarchy.

Hiya Y'all
it's who's I'm not even talking about translations, I'm not even talking about different texts for the different books (which in themselves show a wild variety--an eighth of Jeremiah being interpolated, for example-- but I am talking about even which books are part of the "canonical" Christian Bible!