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Then eye-witnesses are not credible. Since there is no evidence of holocaust, you can't talk about any "numbers".

Name one. Name one. Holocaust depends on the gas chambers story. Prove that there were GC. this You don't know what most other people on this planet know, that is, you're lying. Because 1) you don't know what the evidence is, 2) there is no evidence.

I didn't receive this message. See, Howie, I was right. You annoy everyone with meaningless messages, ugly moron

Moon Landings Hoax
One wonders whyever not? I have seen a great number of hussies in whom I would not mind in the least to get. Chacun a son gout, I suppose. (

Let's hear it from the bishops
Hi Gang, I am delighted to see that the poster child of Christian Indentity, Eric Robert Rudolph, has been nabbed. After evading apprehension for 5 years in the woods of North Carolina, Rudolph was described as "very cooperative and not a bit disrespectful," by rookie arresting officer, Jeffrey Postell, of the Murphy, NC police. Were I to have prided myself on my survivalist skills in the forest, only to be taken in the act of dumpster-diving in a hsopping center

Let's hear it for the bishops
Hi Gang, This morning's Washington Post Book Section carries a review of _The New Anti-Catholicism: the Last Acceptable Prejudice_ by Philip Jenkins. Jenkins, a professor of religious studies at Penn State (and not one of the priests currently inhabiting the State Penn) finds that anti-catholicism is as American as apple pie, and counters the present rage against that clergy's sexual abuse of children by citing reliable studies that show celebates no more likely to commit such crimes as non-celibate clergy

Yes i have,. Indeed they are,.

Let's hear it from the bishops
You have a stronger streak of optimism than I do if you believe you will hear ANYTHING other than "he wasn't a real true[tm] christian" from any of them.

Let's hear it from the bishops
Well, I _do_ keep hoping that any church worthy of respect will take responsiblity for speaking out on moral issues and instructing its flock on behaving morally (i.e., unlike gunslingers, whether anti-abortion or anti anything else.) Did you perhaps see Rudolph's _reason_ for being anti-abortion? He does not appear to be against the practice, per se, but against white women getting them. If those women don't keep popping babies as fast as they can, the country will be taken over

Santorum and Gomorrah
[This piece is simultaneously published in the Politically Incorrect echo--what can I say but that I am vain?] Hi Gang, Being a fan of satire, I appreciate repressive societies more than most people. Repression gives folks a reason to ridicule their betters, while providing an inducement to be clever about the ridiculing. Back when Alexander Pope, arguably England's greatest satirist, was writing, one could be put in a pillory and have one or more ears cut off for libel if

'God told me' is no excu
Welp, as they say in some areas, "Let's ask the Mullahs." In others, it's "When the leaders speak, the thinking has been done." Unfortunately, you'll then run into Mullah X who says that "God doesn't talk to them," while the bad guys have Mullah Y in their ranks who says "Camelshit! I just got off of a conference call with him thirty minutes ago." Or one leader says "We don't practice polygamy," while a prophet says "Hell, yes, we DO!"

I don't recall mentioning Hawaii in my original note.

Columbia=Tower of Babylon
I'd be careful about saying that to members of either area, but I will say this: When I cut loose with some of my Sicilian dialect when I was in northern Italy, the gentleman with whom I was talking said "E` un po' come sardo, no?" For those without a background in Italian (or for those who need to brush up), this means "It's a bit like Sardinian, no?" I don't claim to be a master of Sardinian I'm

Common Sense Memorial
Reminds me of the old bit about the guy who stands on the corner, flapping his arms, and when asked about it, he responds that it keeps the elephants away.

Enjoyed Robert Carlyle. Didn't care for the rhetoric at the end, though. It was just cutesie bullshit. This is ludicrous. The guy -was- a human being. At the very best, you can suggest that maybe X, Y, and Z contributed to his becoming what he did, and let the critics argue about it. It doesn't change who the guy was and what he did.

That's on my "I've been meaning to rent this for years" list. I've never seen it, and I'm overdue to expose the missus to the theme music of "The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes."

Aha,. Aha, it is a bit unfair that the only exeption you can get from military service, other then ill health is religion is it not?,.

It could be argued that she has a point, i am repeditive, but on the other hand so is she, so is every other person on this echo in there own unique way, and if she did not whish to read my idiosyncrasys she could just quit reading me, i think i will cut it with the understanding's and the courtesy messages when she stops hitting on the Catholic Church, and only the Catholic Church,.

are Nore should it be,. But how strict is the definition of Fail enforced,?.

G'day Curtis, G'day Cindy, G'day Ivan,. And i did not reply to this mesage in full, Guess what i did write Ivan, you would not know the meaning of "right",. I do not annoy anybody, i might bore a few people but then so do cindy and curtis, on occasion, and just for record i could beat you under the table in both the looks and brains departments,.