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Ministry Polygamists How To Determine Your Need For Deliverance Symptoms of Having Demons Can A Christian Have Demons? Learn how demons gain entrance so you can avoid them and tear down their strong-holds. Causes of Becoming Demonized A Chain Of Unforgiven Sins Deliverance Information (This Ministry) My Credentials Getting Help From This Ministry Ministry Questionnaire Know What Steps To Take Through Deliverance The Steps Through Deliverance Tear Down The Strongholds Breaking Generational Curses Renounce Satanic Involvement Learn How To Stay Out

5000 Year Old T-Rex!
Drats! It's no longer on the web site.

Both ways: I do not know if he charges money. I sent in some coins to the BBS years ago.

Atheists doing good work.
Naw: we'd just have one less excuse.

Ashcroft Backs Evangelica
What? No mention of The United States Constitution? How very... typical.

Hello Zodiac Killer. Long time no chat. I thought this was bloody obvious. If something cannot be tested, one cannot know if something is valid or false. That being the case, it is to be abandoned as unworthy of brain space.

Way cool.... I'll have Barns and Nobel send a copy to me (er, but NOT the Hungarian version I hope).

Outdoorsmans' Bible
What a great way to start camp fires! Way to go.

More creationists stunts
Seems to me that if a student doesn't understand the fact that evolution occured and occurs, that student probably should not have graduated. Why the hell should a professor reward a failed student?!

You aren't part of The Herd. Jeff CMPQwk 1.42-21 9999

Do, Jeffy, tell us: What Hero does Randi worship? Amaze him.

AKA, Theory of Everything. I'll leave it for you to take that from there.

Only if you consider the concrete to a be a pillow. Well, if you give it a "go", nice to have know you!

What sayest thou?
OK, I know yer an athiest and dislike fundies... My question is do you believe yourselves to be spiritual? Do you think you have a soul? Jes' wonderin'.... W. O. Wilson was asked if he was religious and he said 'no, but I consider myself a spiritual person... Hence my question... Cheers, from the leftist theist

I know, just when you think the religious nuts can't get any funnier, they prove you wrong! <G> CMPQwk 1.42 16554

Outdoorsmans' Bible
Makes some expensive outdoor toilet paper, too. <G> CMPQwk 1.42 16554

More creationists stunts
Exactly. What next? A student suing because "The Bible says germs don't cause disease, so the medical school laughed me off campus?" CMPQwk 1.42 16554

Nah, even most children aren't THAT stupid. One proponent of this found a grand total of *ONE* minister who had said that to the Redcoats, during the Revolution. Just one. Yet the asshole theocrats still claim it was a "common saying." Good only for the nincompoops who spout on "Coast To Coast AM" (formerly the Art Bell show.) Can it prove that I'M God? <G> CMPQwk 1.42 16554

A plea for peace
The Orthodox Church is not pacifist (like the Quakers, for example), in the sense of prohibiting its members from participating in wars, though some members have been pacifist. But it also has not had a teaching of a "just war". There may be wars, and people may participate in them, but they cannot *justify* it. War may be the lesser of two evils, but it remains evil, and those who kill others in wars are required by the canons to

Sounds like this nitwit BAC I know, who heard those "sounds of hell" on the Art Bell show and believes they really ARE the sounds of hell! I call him a "Lord robot." Waddles around saying "The Lord, the Lord, the Lord....." He doesn't appreciate the characterization. I can't imagine why......<G> CMPQwk 1.42 16554