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doesn't matter what anyon
You are a _LIAR_ you're a CONservative from the git-go. Don't bother denying it, the fact is blatantly obvious to the most casual observer. You wouldn't know a "liberal" if one kicked you in the head. (maybe that _IS_ what happened) Truth is the ultimate defense against a charge of slander, I speak the truth about you. What difference does it make? Are you the only idiot CONservative in this echo that doesn't know I've been married 5 times a

Non-P.C. Joke
How pleasant for you. L'Chaim Mimi On Sept. 12, Israel's flags were flying at half-staff and the Palestinians were dancing in the streets. CMPQwk 1.42 9998 "I DID NOT HAVE BUSINESS RELATIONS WITH THAT MAN, MR.LAY" -GWB

doesn't matter what anyon
With this, you appear to trivialize individual actions. There are, after all, genuinely devout individuals, even young ones, who feel a need to commune with their god from time to time. It was these I had in mind, not the whingeing little shits seeking to be bailed out of a threatening situation by divine intervention. Now, regarding what you are pleased to call "auditable prayer", I would ask auditable to whom? To god, to other people, or to the praying

Coulter canned
I thought you'd get a kick out of this: Editor's File A letter to Coulter Dear Ann Coulter: You're fired. It's not that extreme viewpoints are unwelcome on the opinion pages of the Centre Daily Times. All political viewpoints, from Cal Thomas on the right to Molly Ivins on the left, are welcome here. But, we don't welcome haters, Ann, and that's what you are. Well, you are either a hater or a hypocrite who calls names and spews

Stan Hardegree
Stan Hardegree recently claimed I was the most prolific poster to this echo in yet another lie. This last download had 4 posts by me and 20 by Stanley out of a total in the packet of 28 posts.

No, but I don't expect you to understand this. Martin agrees "a negative" can be proven especially if it has limits. The question is whether "a negative" regarding existence can be proven. Obviously if one of those in question is found, the negative is proven. The categoric statement you clowns drag around "a negative cannot be proven" is categorically false, yet you continue to use it. They are only mutually exclusive at a given moment in time because science continues

"Christian Nation" lie
allowe What was quoted out? Nat Turner was a nutcase ,even he didn't know why he fought. He was a Manson of his day---nothing more. A crackdown in a very small area and if Vesey had the money to raise an army I'd be very interested to see that. SLMR 2.1a ...and God said,"Let there be idiots"....

he should I remember hearing that one of his siblings tested positive for the gene...a sister, I think...but now I can't find the info.

This is worth a repeat.
I find it ironic that the mere mention of any thing remotely religious makes some in here go into convulsions of epileptic proportions. They are so worried about the bible thumpers getting "in their faces". To a degree that is so true, there are some "of faith" who are so discontented with the fact that not everyone believes as they do, additionally these people also get in the faces of others of "differing faiths". However that sword cuts both ways

Re: proving a negative
Yes he used that example in debunking you. The question however was can you prove a negative, limits were attached by you later when debunked and you offered a strawman arguement. Again you botch it up. If something is found which conflicts with the theory that something does not exist than the negative is DISPROVEN. Does your stupidity know no limits? The more you post the more you embarrass yourself which is _precisely_ why I post and reply to you.

He's a lying coward for Christ. Besides, "Huh?" has been his only form of 'debate'. Anything else would require him to actually think. Which, of course, is impossible for him.

Stan's dog fucking adventures
Your evidence that she breed once, please.

He conveniently forgets a lot of things. Quelle surpris! Someone misused the facilities to create life. Jeffy is that by-product of an experiment gone wrong. B

Fundys & Harry Potter
Ross Sauer wrote to All about Fundys Harry Potter 2 September 2002, Monday 12:20 Hola Ross, There are pointy hats and wizards/witches in Lord Of The Rings too. Why no objection to that? Satan Special treatment for women And I will cast abominable filth upon thee, and make thee vile.--Nahum 3:6

Not the point. The poinbt is that no matter where it comes from, if your enemies get blown away, you don't necessarily need to know who did it.

Gaaack. . .
And he had a bunch of god rumpswabs working for him. Haldeman and Erlichman had more problems than just religious conservatism. they were the sorts that became addicted to power.

Jesus on parole.
Some years back we had a guy poison his own kid on halloween with tainted candy in order to get the life insurance policy that he had purchased only days earlier. I don't remember his name but was dubbed "Candyman". When he was sentenced to die, his original date was Halloween. It didn't happen that day but some months later. this is a good example of why we need a death penalty. animals like that.

Yes, you moron, a negative can be proven. Martin agrees with me. Why is English so hard for you to understand I am not saying all negatives can be proven. I rarely use the word "all" with anything because there are almost always exceptions. Of course we still have this little problem of what a negative is. It is kind of hard to have a debate about a negative when we still can't agree on what one is. It

Binkley the moron
Now THIS is a buttsniff made in heaven. A bisexual and a greaseball sharing a Kodak moment.

You haven't noticed the great many messages he spends solely grousing about the supposed spelling and grammatical mistakes of others (while, of course, committing a great many of his own)???? Note that I was merely asking for a clarification from you. It is from those who've appointed themselves to be spelling and grammar Nazis but who so frequently reveal themselves ignorant of either that I harp on their own errors. As I said, everybody here has a keyboard, and can