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Asinine SC decision
to In the 80's... Just who were the President's then?

Doc's Place BBS
A pair of Queens beats, well, it doesn't beat much.

Now THERE'S a comfort topic for both of you. Makes you feel all warm and sticky inside, don't it? Oh wheeee.

Like George Dubya Bush
Nyah, nyah, nyah. I'm rubber, you're glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you. I know you are but what am I. I'd give good money for an adult atheist to discuss religion with.

You'd take Slick's load on the chin, freak.

The good old days of HolySmoke, gone forever, alas.
I am not here to amuse you. I am here to mock you, which is why about half these idiots say they have me twitted.

Fun and Games at Work
Like I said, your capacity to bore is limitless. Your office tales are about as intellectually stimulating as Chirnside's bullshit about all of his health woes.

Notice how well versed he is in the language of National Socialsim.. I understand that the Brown Shirts were shot through with homosexuals and other assorted perverts.

Your attempt at humor falls nearly as flat as your brain waves.

Doogie Kimmel taught his lap dogs well.

Dance some more, Jeffy. It's quite amusing. Now, tell us about "Pootie-Poot" and the brain dead person that coined it.

That's another one! But, I do remember one school days job where we had a lot of fun unloading the watermelon truck. "Oops! that one fell off!" We had to hose down the whole back room the next day!

Religious insanity: don't blame the gods
Ever been in a mine? Ever want to make a living by being a miner? If not, why not?

It's simply amazing! Jeffy ignores reality and blames the message carrier. Jeffy even forgets what he wrote!

Asinine SC decision
My husband chose to stay away from weapons creation from the beginning but I do know someone who worked there for years. My friend is an American Indian and he was originally rejected because, they said, he was not a citizen! Aside from the fact that Indians were made citizens by an act of Congress in the 20s I wonder what nationality they imagined he was. His father, who recently died, was the head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs

If anyoen is cheap it's Charles for his cheap shot remark. Cindy

It would seem unusual but not nearly as unusual as what I see written here. Jeff CMPQwk 1.42-21 9999

Really So what is the purpose of matricies in mathematics Something which you can stand next to in total bewilderment. Jeff CMPQwk 1.42-21 9999

Unless the delta drops to zero or goes negative, it it still going up. What is it with you and math Did you sleep through basic math class There was also a surplus in expenses. The net is the deficit went up. Just admit it and move on. Jeff CMPQwk 1.42-21 9999

You are becoming as illiterate as Ceppa. Nowhere in my statement did I say the word gain. I said the change is small. That doesn't imply a gain. Change can be positive or negative. You're an idiot. It is only half if everything else didn't change. Let me know when the last time you saw a bunch of stocks not change in value over the period of a couple of months. The part in quotes was your question, you moron.