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Asinine SC decision
be? give Look it up ,smartass. SLMR 2.1a Freedom is a heavy burden...but lighter than chains.

ago. And you still owe money. Any money you have belongs to someone else. SLMR 2.1a non donoramus annus rodentis

I knew that I could depend on you to answer to your mentor. Congrats. SLMR 2.1a 2002------Remembering 137 years of foreign occupation.

it? I realize that premature ejaculation is a subject near and dear to your heart but what does it have to do with anointing. Try to forget about it for 15 minutes. SLMR 2.1a Be copy now to men of lesser blood and teach them war.

7000 grains to a lb. ---take it from there. SLMR 2.1a ...Are we not taglines? If you parse us do we not read?

Sheer genius, I have a smidgen of hope for you. It is odd that Ceppa got it before you,absolutely incredible. SLMR 2.1a Drop the cigar.Move away from the intern. Pull pants up.

Florida sign
I figured you'd get a kick out of this. CMPQwk 1.42 16554 Bah wheep grah nah weep mi ni bong!

ROTFL. There he goes! I do think this calls for a hearty "hork!" As set striaght in another post, to Howie, I didn't call Howie a little boy. Yes indeed Language is Tough, evidently- for the author of the remark himself: JEfff. Cindy

Re: deficit
I am intrigued how Jeffro Troll dodges topics; altering them into infinite loop of flame/troll nonsense to which people willingly waste a lot of time replying to. Ah the fun of it though! I'm not going to hold my breath that Charles might answer the question posed to him wrt the knife weilder scenario. (The Origin of the red truck remrak). (You'll recall Charles said, he'd leave the decision up to a passerby and then as you know I suggested

'twas blithy and blinky at worst ..snip snip for brevity.... us Please eyeball Karl's quote very carefully. Remember it. Thank you. Please notice how Jeff in effect IMHO missed the point of Karl's above quote that I asked you to eyeball carefully and remember. Let us see indeed. Jeff said, "you (meaning Karl) walk around then and call it Parliment. I'll call if [sic] (gosh I have always wanted to do that!)- "Congress". Karl wasn't calling "Congress", "Parliment". Karl was

Re: Veggie Haters
I GOT the answer!!!! The fallacy is "Shooting the messenger" a strawman arugement. Now that made me happy! I got an answer. Elsehwere. Cindy

Philip Pullman
Hey why not? His grandfather made millions trading with the Nazis. Even after WW2 started. His father made millions making speeches for Moonie groups, and did business with Saddam Hussein. So did Dick Cheney, BTW. His SEC chief made his fortune defending corporate scumbags like Ivan Boesky. Great bunch, eh? CMPQwk 1.42 16554 Bah wheep grah nah weep mi ni bong!

Spinal cord operation
It'll be one HELLUVA cranial-rectal energetic disassembly! <G> CMPQwk 1.42 16554 Bah wheep grah nah weep mi ni bong!

Coulter, "liberals" and r
I actually read part of her book, "Slander." (Our local library has it.) One thing she keeps whining over and over is how "liberals do nothing but insult instead of debate." Yet Coulter's book is nothing BUT one long screed of insults, lies, half- truths, and wild innuendoes. (I mean, saying Katie Couric is like Eva Braun? Come on!) Her half-assed "defense" of Jerry Falwell is a classic in half-truths and outright lies. (You can see it for yourself over

You could use some "enlightenment," since your pilot light has been out since you first started here. CMPQwk 1.42 16554 Bah wheep grah nah weep mi ni bong!

You are so good at exuses, Jeffy. Try telling the truth instead next time. After all, you also left out the last "i" as well.

AGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGH!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeff admitted he fucked up! What next? The San Diego Chargers or the Detroit Lions winning the Super Bowl??!!?? CMPQwk 1.42 16554 Bah wheep grah nah weep mi ni bong!

Bunnypants in the White H
Don't forget the relatives of the SC "justices" that were given juicy government jobs by George Bush. Just a coincidence, right? SUUUURRRRREEEEE!!!!! CMPQwk 1.42 16554 Bah wheep grah nah weep mi ni bong!

Re: deficit
Better still, "Shrub the untermensch uberfuhrur." <G> CMPQwk 1.42 16554 Bah wheep grah nah weep mi ni bong!

Re: Holy shit
Down in Texas Governor Perry, the Screwup-In-Chief's successor is getting desperate in his campaign ads against the democratic challenger Perez. He's running ads showing Mexicans carting around big gym bags full of money, implying that Perez when he ran a Texas bank laundered Mexican drug money through Noriega. Of course, the fact that the charge is false means nothing to Perry. He keeps saying "Look at his record." (Even though Perez's record proves the charge to be a lie.) Just