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" A Benny Pain TROLL "
the poin It's been a year since I first posted the Star Trek piece and to this day, it still gets the desired effect. I have trained you well.

By the Grace of Man
Oh wheeeeeee! This particular blueboy is always in some bitchy snit about something, isn't he?

Jeff Condones violence
am to And now you know.

Moving On
Think I'll start a weekly talley of how many times I am the topic of a Holy Smoke post.

Moving On
This echo is named what it is because Holy Freakin' Shit! was taken.

Memorial Day
Ceppa's lurking Politics.

ST: The Motion Picture
Looks like we have us a consensus here! Yessireebob! Bring up even rudimentary facts about the Constitution or the Ten Commandments and their eyes glaze over. But they know Star Trek up and down.... I saw the first Trek movie. It was OK.

Now, now. Be nice to Mimi. She's one of the special children. Like Ceppa.

Moving On
Good grief....

Heh heh
Bjorn Lomborg's critics have ignored 95% of his book, "The Skeptical Environmentalist." Bjorn Lomborg is author of the book "The Skeptical Environmentalist." Since the book was published in the United States last year, a lot of people have been very critical of Lomborg and his book. That's fine. Healthy debate and disagreement over important issues is essential to the preservation of a free, open, democratic society. Some of Lomborg's critics have politely raised legitimate disagreements about some of Lomborg's statements,

oil 01/02
is, You are a tree hugger who tried to pass off the bullshit that bears hunt deer. Yeah, you're a real nature buff, alright.

oil 01/02
I did not see the article you are referring to so my answer to "How does one extract infinite resources from a finite supply?" is, you can't. Of course this has absolutely no connection to, do you doubt that the DNC is considering 5 dates for the convention in 2004 simply because it was reported in "a newspaper owned by the reverend Moon?"" To me, your "I intentionally avoided answering" looks like a dodge. It's a simple question that

Editorial License
a no-no in True. True.

" A Benny Pain TROLL "
It's the best you can do.

" A Benny Pain TROLL "
Who gives a shit what Gene was?

Editorial License
a no-no in You folks must feel pretty stupid right about now. No wait, you'd have to have some sense of self worth to feel stupid. Unbelievable that I've sat down to have a conversation with a half dozen people who don't know what "sic" means.

Your fellow losers
Trekkie convention in November!! Godless Americans The March on Washington Godless Americans The March on Washington Saturday, November 2, 2002 On The Mall, In The Nation's Capital It's Our Turn Now! In the fall of 2002, "Godless Americans" of all stripes will follow in a grand tradition and march on Washington, DC! Just about every political and social "cause" organization has done it gays, blacks, women, even the Promise Keepers. Groups of every ideological coloration have spoken out

Star Trek and the Simpsons. This is truly the echo of high culture and learning. Wonder how many of them could hum the opeining notes to the Rach 3?

" A Benny Pain TROLL "
That is obviously why Stannous Man Co. hate it. Didn't you mean to say "first ever interracial kiss on broadcast US television"? 8-) IMHO, what distinguishes TOS is how many episodes were written be sf writers who were writing for print before the series ever happened. That does not seem to have been maintained with the later incarnations.

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