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"Satanist hunters" again
You are wasting your time. Two of the Herd's charity cases constitute two thirds of the Gospel Rule Effect on this one.

them) is I think it is very funny that Blueboy gets worked up to the point of making threats over perceived accusations of pedophilia given what he has said about people, including you, in this echo. He recently accused someone here of harboring sexual desire for a dog. Blueboy is not a normal man. Not remotely.

Stan the Twit ...
Good job, Matt. Heh heh.

Fries in India
up, "Ah guess that depends own whut the meanin' uv is is. Hyuck. Hyuck." And all you clowns, blueboys and perverts had your little red wagons firmly tethered to Enron to the extent that one clown was talking here and elsewhere about Enron Field being linked to W's baseball team. I got a good laugh out of that. Of course, the more the press looked into Enron, the more Slick staffers slithered out from under rocks, including his handpicked

"Satanist hunters" again
Bwahahahahahahahahaha!! Oh man guys. Save your watches, the boots are goners.

Sea food
After the HS habit of ending virtually every noun with "ie" or "y," shouldn't that be "watty?"

Moral leadership
I didn't read the original post or Otto's response. Upon reading your repost, I have absolutely no idea what she said or what Otto is trying to ask.

Brad the Twit ...
Didn't you tell us that you got a DUI and were thrown into the drunk tank with a bunch of mudering Christians?

Global something
Oh, have you??? I'd a hunch you were connected. Heh heh. To a man, these pansies want to be 1930s British actresses.

PA Docs point to WMD link
Yep. Sent another son out to check on things because she didn't want anything to happen to her dogs. Her "doxie," et al. She actually posted something like that in a public place.

You girls have quite a little buttsniff going here. Blueboy and Ceppa. What a pair!

Turn on your sarcasm detector. Then set a spell and see what response I get from Steveie50.

QED. Normal men don't talk like this.

Global something
days And another good job, Matt. All educated men who argue with this clown eventually experience bossnode problems or business trips.

Echo Guidelines
Re: HOLYSMOKE Echo Guidelines Basic Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this echo are those of the writers identified in the header of each message. No other responsibility is expressed or implied for the content of the messages in this echo. Rules to Follow: [1] Please refrain from attempting to force your ideas on others, or to be deliberately disruptive in the echo. Those who engage in such activity may find their feed to this echo terminated. Importing your personal

MidEast Flood
Just put this one in the "If There Really Was a God" file (Two short excerpts.) JERUSALEM In what theological and meteorological authorities are calling "a wrathful display of Old Testament proportions," the Lord Almighty re-flooded the Middle East Tuesday, making good on last week's threat to wipe the region clean if there was not an immediate halt to the bloodshed between Arabs and Jews. Though regretful over the severity of God's punishment, Mideast peace

Stan the Twit ...
That's what I'd assume. I merely want to point out that it *is* an assumption, not firm knowledge. I'd think of an antlered beast on long, slender legs. <g> Brad

Sea food
Interesting. You don't remember the name, do you? If it was "scotch bonnet", that's just another name for the habbies. Brad

Brad the Twit ...
Fair enough. You probably had to do quite a bit of that when you were bouncing, eh? (Got your netmail but can't reply via that route.) Brad

English really is a tough language for you, Jeff.