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Global something
Erastothenese computed the circumference of the Earth before the birth of Christ.

Bible myths
Pffft. Ack.

Potter and the Cops
Neither of you know anything about the religion you set out to criticize. Interesting. What was Kirk's position in the Federation? Let's talk about something you know something about.

Fries in India
But this queen lives his life as an American. Even works for the American government and uses an American government computer for personal email. Dare I an idea? I've a hunch that his anti-American rhetoric is designed to impress Judith Bandsma.

Men who have studied a bit, know some things, experienced some things. Men who have read and understood the Bible. Men who are not cowed by name-calling broads. Men who tell the truth and give as good as they get. Men who have worn the uniform of their country. In this packet, Reddenkopp issues a wish for a real "fundy," one who toes the Fundamentalist line, admitting no criticism or argument. He wishes for a man like that because they

Fries in India
Substantiate this.

Fries in India
Even into this packet of mail she claims that I did.... Suie (Soooo-eeee) believes her, too. What fun. I've had a great time here. It's not every day that you find people who will say literally anything, recognizing no civilized constraints on their rhetoric and recognizing no constraints on what they will post on the WORLD WIDE WEB. Hilarious.

Global something
The fruitlessness of trying to debate this clown will occur to you in time.

Bush & criminal company
Wouldn't that be just the topper.

Global something

The only thing it did was make you look stupid, I guess that is why I was laughing.

Dumb laws
Why let a little fact like that get in the way of a slur against Jeb Bush?

Star Trek
And you will see it again at a time of my choosing.

There were never 100,000 and the funds to keep them hired were not forthcoming from the Fed. so large numbers that were hired have since been let go for lack of funds. Just more smoke and mirrors from the Democrats.

PC 101
Amazing, I had that exact reaction to this shit too.

P.C. Bible is cumming 1/2
Good grief. SV: Don't do this after taking heavy duty tranquilizers.

And there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Enjoy the next 6.5 years, Karllie

Thank YOU!
Hey, you have something against homosexuality, Kemp? Hey, incidentally, when I arrived here, you were posting in your Van Vliet incarnation (I seem to remember) and Karlie, Chirnside, Sauer, Martin, et al were calling anyyone who disagreed with them homosexual, child molester, etc. Hey, as recently as last week, Karlie was accusing someone who disagreed with him of harboring sexual fantasies about dogs. Hey, where were you then? Hey, I'll say. Hey!

Thought for the day
Any competent discussion of engineering (or aerodynamics) and he gets bossnode problems galore....

PC 101
Read and digest this disgraceful statement. And pity this poor country.