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I lurked this dump a year before I posted a single word. You morons weren't discussing religion then, either. I learned a great deal about how bad your back hurts, how bad Otto's head hurts and how Judithie is so diseased that she has to ride a scooter to walk her freakin dogs. I read some of the most disgusting sexual shit in Fido, primarily from Schneider and that old queen Don Martin. I read, day in and day out,

Right to
But you know a "Jeffy," don't you? You and a couple of others in this dump are about the biggest bunch of fuckin' hypocrites I've ever come across.

Thank YOU!
An honest person would recognize that the guarantee was not intended to cover abuse. Apparently it was a princely sum you felt Sears should pay because of something you did. Crapsman are cheep when compared to professional tools. And those should be replaced I have no problem with that. Yes, the price of the tool. Which should not be abused, the example you gave, IMO was abuse and constitutes fraud. That in my opinion is unethical.

Thank YOU!

Shrubs oil dealings
Did they present evidence or were they just blowing smoke?

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Papal Waiting Room
If the patient does it themself, it is not euthanasia, by definition. It is suicide. Joe Lafoon ICQ# 448659 MSN: BigJoeVA

Potter and the Cops
So what fucking disease WERE you talking about, Michael? Joe Lafoon ICQ# 448659 MSN: BigJoeVA

No. It is irrelevant because it is irrelevant. You said so yourself, when you said you CHOSE to post according to literal meaning instead of what I actually meant. There is no cycle. I respond according to each post. Thus, if my responses are on a cycle, so are those who are writing to me. I I don't write in POL_INC. You are not very quick, are you. I don't care what your opinion of me is, I would only

FL story about teen
Absolutely true. To use my USB camera, for instance, I pull the plug out of my USB printer and put it into the camera. When I am done, I return the plug to the printer. I have a camera, scanner, joystick and printer. All have worked flawlessly, including hot swapping. (I only have two ports, and haven't invested in a hub yet.) Joe Lafoon ICQ# 448659 MSN: BigJoeVA

"weakest link'
I don't think I have read it. I will add it to my list. Joe Lafoon ICQ# 448659 MSN: BigJoeVA

"Holy" child-beaters
With this: Since when is suspending the same as harboring? The church did the same thing any other employer would do. Joe Lafoon ICQ# 448659 MSN: BigJoeVA

This is hysterical coming from you. Why don't you explain it to me Jeff CMPQwk 1.42-21 9999

No argument here. Yes, it is possible. That was factored into my purchase. I also have measures in place to limit my loss, should that happen. It is a trademark of theirs. Not sure I agree from a marketing perspective but I understand your point. Like good suggestions. I don't shop at either one so I would value your opinion as a shopper more than I would my own. I would speak to their problems from a corporate level and

God Dan wrote to Jitender Saan about Crap 1 February 2002, Friday 10:08 Hola God, Any insect in my presence dies. Even if it is not bothering me. Too late. But I will be on the lookout for another bird with the sleep-on-one-leg syndrome. Satan "B-b-b-b-ut why? We are kinsmen." James Staal. "You're confused, Jim. You're a Klansman." Jan Deboer

What next?
Inspirational idea. Sane type of idea. What actually brought this fuss on anyway? This cheif justice doesn't have enough work to do? People tend to notice petty annoyances more when they don't have enough honest work to do. Cindy

Born to kill?
like or (re-reply) This reply attempts to circumvent an open honest question. else's *fea into Re-reply: You are talking about hate and laothing. I am talking about what is honest and waht is not, in as an open an honest way I can muster. No because it's evident religionists fear and loathe Humanism. I find this reaction is based in ignorance, not reality. I am perturbed by it as well because what is more natural than humanism for

Don't own a T.V. huh?

Re: Shrubs oil dealings

Re: Thank YOU!
It's their guarantee, I normally take quite good care of my tools but in this isolated instance it beat being stranded in a remote location and in this one case I did in fact take advantage of their gaurantee, for the princely sum of the cost of one 6" creascent wrench. OTOH Craftsman tools are overpriced for the quality and I've had a number break on me under normal use. Isn't the time I take to replace their defective tools