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A question
Indeed. I wouldn't want to accidentally give us a good name.

CPAN a myth?
Perhaps, but even if that turns out to be so, it's still interesting to me to try to see exactly where the argument jumps from reason to faith.

March of the Godless
See? I knew there'd be some. :D

I wanna join!
LOL Well, if she fails to recognize you as a TRM, your depiction of her must be accurate. :P

Parting shot (part 2)
Consider: this cup has no coffee in it. The claim is not that the cup is empty, the claim is that the cup has no coffee in it.

Aha, How is she? did you ask her why she has not been writing to me lately? never mind, next time you see her welcome her back in to my life for me,. Too true, even if it is only a Tagline

he or Or you 2 could agree to disagree, oh BTW, welcome back.

Parting shot (part 2)
You are equating "negative statement" and "untestable statement". Why?

<Snip> My example was Head Start which IS a federal program therefore negating most of the following. If there is a federal program that is aimed at improving you I'm unaware of it. I've been happy with federal insistence on clean air, clean water, and reasonably safe prescription drugs (not satisfied but pleased that something, however inadequate, was being done). It appears this is likely to change. I don't think you'll like the result of federal inaction in these areas

Re: CPAN a myth?
REPLYTO 1:102/125.99 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 148 at salata vsn 0.99.970109 From: Blanche Nonken <> X-Ftn-To: JOHN WILSON <grin> It's long out of print anyway. If you find a copy, buy it and sell it on eBay.

1995 FAQ #4
A "kill the messegner" evasion. Aren't they clever! Did anybody ask him (yes, I know as much as a futility as the first)- if his godling wouldn't ask for a sacrifice just who is it that determines such a thing. My answer would be the very same people who made up the godling story in the first place. The whole Jesus story is so contrived as to be laughable. If you changed the names of the characters- the story would

Parting shot (part 2)
OH I agree. People can get lost semantics losing focus on the subject all together. You could end up with a ream of meaningless double speak; gobbly gook the authors' explaining away the actual subject as 'a mystery' only God knows! (("Landru Gude Us!")) my You've heard the story about the dog named "God" Cindy

As do i,. Although they may believe they are,. Croon,? sometimes it becomes an out and out banshee scream,. Absolutely it is,. Good advice,. Indeed it is,. I would not recomend it, you may not realise this but 1 of the reasons you had to leave last time is because of your speed and easyness with giving bad financial advice, although you thought it was good based on you different definition of economically good,. So do i,. Congratulation's,. Yes some

IYO,. And where is your evidence that his God is a figment of his imagination?,.

often spout Good philosophy,. Another good philosophy,. QWK: DOCSPLACE.ORG (1:123/140)

Sheer stupidity. Mormon student may be excommunicated Friday, November 29, 2002 Posted: 8:50 PM EST (0150 GMT) SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (AP) A graduate student with Mormon family roots says he will probably be excommunicated next week for articles he has written questioning the validity of the Book of Mormon. Thomas W. Murphy, 35, published an article in the May Signature Books anthology, "American Apocrypha", that uses genetic data to discredit the Book of Mormon claim that American Indians

He However, assuming that "x" is something definable and detectable, you can prove the negative claim that "x" does not exist within reasonable boundaries of time and space. Did you read the article? Here's the URL again: Here's another one: Do a text search for "negative" on that page and you'll find the relevant Magazine, is reproved by a reader for having asserted that you cannot prove a negative. He

My proof is...
He was as fundie a Catholic as you could get in the US. Remember the thread between me and him about the Minnesota exorcism book that unfortunately it turned out for him that I had an e-text of?

There is a poster using the name "God Dam!" who is not Dan Ceppa. This is the person Ross was talking about. Sue

Hero Worship
You bet it sounds odd. Source would be most scholarly commentaries on the Gospel of Thomas. I think Elaine Pagels, for example, mentions this in her book on the Gnostic gospels. There's a Gospel of Thomas web page if you want to dig deeper. Just who he was supposed to be a twin of is open to speculation. The narrative of David slaying Goliath is 1 Samuel 17. It says that this is how David came to Saul's attention, in