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(Cuts) Golly. Talk about being speechless.... I'm trying to find words to express such insanity. Here we have a Scout who is the epitomy of what the Boy Scouts of America hold as an ideal---- a leader of his peers, selflessness, dedication to community, and working hard to improve the world. And BSA doesn't want him as one of "theirs" just because he lacks belief in the gods!

That's a steaming load of horseshit! I'm an atheist and I never *CHOSE* to be. There was no "choice" in the matter.

1995 FAQ #1
No kidding. Have you ever searched for your own name, or your old email addresses on a search engine? It can be enlightening, and can make you think twice about what you post on mailing lists or other online forums. Of course, thinking twice is probably a good idea anyway. Or at least thinking once.

Parting shot (part 2)
cup That could be. For it appears the CPAN assertion is an absolute doesn't it? And 'tis said there are no absolutes; which is an absolute in of itself. It's easier to deal with the definition, I suppose. I like what Brad said about 'universal claims.'. The broader the scope the less likely one can 'prove' or 'disprove' anything. Are not absolutes 'universal'? Though we are often heard to say as an expression: "you are absolutely right!" We may not

Xtian Reason?
Got any for Y-stain apologists? Keep well Steve Hayes WWW: E-mail:

CPAN a myth?
What else could they say? L'Chaim Mimi On Sept. 12, Israel's flags were flying at half-staff and the Palestinians were dancing in the streets. CMPQwk 1.42 9998 "I DID NOT HAVE BUSINESS RELATIONS WITH THAT MAN, MR.LAY" -GWB

Re: March of the Godless [2/2]
[G] I know about that. It's been funny at times when we've had Leo's family here watching him screw up which language he's speaking to whom.

Because the name didn't come to me immediately, of course. I wasn't trying to build a straw man, I was just being reminded about a post which gave many a chuckle. This echo was here for many years before you arrived; if such nostalgia bores you (and I can see where it might) one can always simply skip to the next message.

Break Kalispell into "Kali spell." Since you knew who the Thugee were, you know who Kali was, right?

India, Saudi Arabia, China, same continent. Hardly the same mythological system.

Faith vs Reason
According to first few verses of GMatt 21, it was a colt-- and an ass, and apparently both at the same time!

I like the typo--when will we see the flams? The game Heretic II is more fun, though. 8-) I was thinking about the book. They'd be having conniptions if their kid played _Heretic II_. Probably do, but that video game's not quite as famous.

French RCC Attacks Hallow
OK. Very true.

Not to mention a computer where the time is off by a few hours.

One's own genealogy is interesting; the genealogy of others rather less so. However, if the genealogy is bogus--as so many in the Bible are--then it becomes a bit more amusing. But it's still pretty boring if one is not a scholar. Yep. Such as obvious anthropomorphism.

Wigged-Out Blockheads
_Peter the Great: His Life and World_, Robert K. Massie, Alfred A. Knopf, 1980, p. 393, discussing the start of the Astrakhan rebellion against Peter the Great: Into this flammable tinder poured incendiary rumors: The Tsar was dead, the foreigners had nailed him up in a barrel and thrown him into the sea; an imposter, perhaps even the Antichrist, now sat on the throne of Russia. "In the summer of 1705, an unusally extravagant rumor horrified the

CPAN a myth?
to that That's the usual result, ayup. BTW, does this mean you'll get around to defining just what it is you mean by a political "liberal"? How would one go about measuring the traditional attributes-- the "omni-s" plus benevolence? to There's a repeatability, a predictability, and a measurability with experiments involving subatomic particles. What do you propose for God? Please refresh our memories about this "God effect."

Stuoid is as Stupid does...
The exchange between me and Dan had been specifically mentioning a town named Buffalo.

Why the hell do you think that would that mean they would have the same mythology?

Thank you,. are Aha, fair enough,. QWK: DOCSPLACE.ORG (1:123/140)