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No? So you believe that reality is reality?, what about the thought that reality is perception? QWK: DOCSPLACE.ORG (1:123/140)

Parting shot (part 2)
Not exactly. Yes, "that cup has coffee in it" and "that cup has no coffee in it" are not the same. But, neither statement really is a negative. The validity of each statement is testable upon examination. Now, if you refuse to show of the cup, all that is refutable is your personal experience of the truth of the matter. Now, to the next level: You yourself have not seen the cup but you claim that that there is coffee

is. or What about "Gut Instict"? you agree with Brad as regards reality being a black and white constant, but what about the concept of reality being in the eye's of the beholder? That is a bit of a narrow POV is it not? But surely when you are lost all roads can only lead to you getting more lost,?.

My proof is...
I wrote "delusions of glander", Jimmy. But, you know that, don't you. You edited my quote to once again try to hide in the smoke. Nice try. Edit the post and try to go another way. That's right, Li'l Jimmy: Your bullshit isn't flying. my Or lack of your medication, Jimmy. If my "hot button" is in showing you out to be liar, you hit that on your very first post. So, Li'l Jimmy: In your little world "being pleasant"

What's there to grant? You evince it on every post.

Parting shot (part 2)
cup That could be. For it appears the CPAN assertion is an absolute doesn't it? And 'tis said there are no absolutes; which is an absolute in of itself. It's easier to deal with the definition, I suppose. I like what Brad said about 'universal claims.'. The broader the scope the less likely one can 'prove' or 'disprove' anything. Are not absolutes 'universal'? Though we are often heard to say as an expression: "you are absolutely right!" We may not

Yeah. I can say the same thing, feel inspired the same way and yet not believe a god is doing the inspiration. Hmm!~ Could it be our own brainware is doing it? hmmm. Cindy

Re: CPAN a myth?
Havn't read I don't have to...for which thanks!

Parting shot (part 2)
no Not quite. It all depends on how we define "negative statement". For example, if one accepts that a statement in the form "x does not exist" constitutes a negative statement regardless of what x is, then one only need look at my previous example to see that it is possible for a negative statement to be proven. By this definition of "negative statement" CPAN is clearly incorrect. Yes, that works fine. So long as "God" is defined as the

Parting shot (part 2)
X was not claimed to exist everywhere, but it was claimed to have an effect that is observable everywhere, so one instance of absence would be perfectly valid. If there were something that created a pink glow everywhere except the one place I look, that something would not be x. That's true in many cases, but I can't accept it as a general rule. The example I gave demonstrates a universal claim in which absence of evidence _is_ evidence of

March of the Godless
at That was the next step for me. A500 with one of those metal boxes that had to be "prodded" to connect at the prompt. After the TRS-80 Model III that used to be the machine our favorite BBS ran on. Talk about a surprise... Todd Sullivan

Danny is "The Flying Co-Mod of Death" in aonther echo, but he hasn't been seen for a long time. If you're curious, I'll tell you about it, but only if you ask. Todd Sullivan

1995 FAQ #4
If I recall correctly, he was attempting to justify child sacrifice to Jesus. He said "He (Jesus) would never ask for a child sacrifice." which wasn't the question put to him: he was asked if he would kill his child if Jesus ordered him to. After some 100+ or so messages, he *STILL* never actually got around to answering the question (as far as I recall).

Xtian Reason?
Or to put it in regular English, "How to be a better bigot, while ignoring reality."

My proof is...
My sibling Fredric has some of Prewitt's messages on the subject: I've asked him to mail them to me so I may post them here.

CPAN a myth?
Carl Sagan and several other Big Name Atheists wrote of "the numinous." Characterized by nobility; majestic. Of high spiritual, moral, or intellectual worth. Not to be excelled; supreme. Inspiring awe; impressive. I sometimes use "Elysian" as my reverence to what The Jesused consider "spiritual."

Parting shot (part 2)
the I think I see the problem here. Everyoone is trying to apply logic to both mathematical equations and grammatical statements. Big mistake. Mathematics and logic do not work with language; language doesn't translate into mathematics well at all, even at the most basic levels, due to its ambiguity. Thusly, one cannot prove a negative using language, and mathematics has its own arcane symbology beyond basic slide rule calculations. I'd love to see someone define the operations for a mere

1995 FAQ #1
It's kind of frightening to consider that somewhere out there in the world there's computers storing one's ancient writings.... just waiting to be awakened at the proper moment. Such as when one runs for public office.

Date with an Apache
LOL! I wore a Talking Feather for easy identification. How many people go to coffee shops wearing an eagle feather? I need not have worried about needing a translator: she spoke Valley Girl.... kind of freaky, actually. She said (needlessly) that she is not "a Traditional." It is heartening to know that even if Apache doesn't work out, there's a hundred other tribes!

Another "Christian" perve
It cracks me up. A "computer virus" printed out 30 images and placed them in his desk at work. Whoever programmed that "computer virus" should win a Nobel Prize for genuis.