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RE: I wanna join!
Why, you, of course. And, my ignorant, stupid,plain, unattractiveand rotton to thecoredaughters vapid opinions to thecontrary---me. Cheers!

RE: CPAN a myth?
Oh. Well.... (putting pistol back in holster...) ok......

CPAN a myth?
Polytheism is essentially tolerant where monotheism is essentially intolerant. While some polytheists behave abominably toward others as a matter of faith (the Aztecs come to mind), most, like the Greeks and Romans, were able to deal with divergent opinions about the gods. This is not to say that they did not behave abominably to others for other reasons, like greed, lust for land, or sheer madness, but only that they tended not to do so on the grounds of heresy.

CPAN a myth?
"Do you believe in the hereafter?" "Of course I do!" "Then you know what I'm here after....." *WHOP!* <G> CMPQwk 1.42 16554

I wanna join!
Muhuhahahahahahahaha!!!!!! The "president" CMPQwk 1.42 16554

March of the Godless
I daydreamed about it back then, but was too poor for such luxuries at the time. So, my first modem experience didn't come until 1986, using an Amiga to connect to local BBS's at 1200 baud. Loved that computer.

CPAN a myth?
Colonel Harlan Sanders (creator<!> of Kentucky Fried Chicken) comes to mind... Todd Sullivan

in a The differences can be Environmental, Cultural, Political, Social, Ecological Finacial, Economical, Technological, Perceptional Intellectual, Educational, Ethical, Moral or Practical,. I think i will have to get back tou you on the answers to that request,. What is is a matter of perception in Absolutely, no argument from me on that score,. No just commiserate over the sad fact that far too many people like Reverend Nile Use there imaginations for good instead of evil,. Absolutely,. would the Nope,

a It just shows how strongly the writer believes it to be true,. Or at least you believe all gods to be man-made,. No he does not, of course he does not, outside of what is written in his Bible, do you have any evidence that any gods do not exist outside of imagination exept what is written in you favourite atheist reading material?. Indeed they are,. Good question,. Replace the term Soler System with the word Australia and you

3:16 Because it is so,. They can, but if they take they take there version too seriously, Hey Presto, Northern Ireland, and in another context, Sri Lanka. I am sure it does,. Fair enough,.

No just a bit of dombness,. Yes he would have, like most smart people,. And of course she mis-stated his philosophy to her beloved "Uncle Max" Hitler. Of course not,. Which means he would have come to at least one completely different country,. much Yes he was, but the statement still stands,. Aha, bummer,. Of course,. Aha, thank you for that clarification,.


after don't key. I agree. Reproaching myself- sustaining trolls' "reason to be" as it were, is not my problem. If people choose to willfully perpetuate behavior they then complain about the consequences of, so be it. No need to make their choice my problem by overstating an obvious observation most here already automatically do the right thing by: Hit the next key. Cindy

Xtian Reason? Books recommended for Xtain apologists. to be come sharper apologists. Cindy

Parting shot (part 2)
you The words 'no,not, never, none are negative yes, but does that make the sentance they are put into a "negative statement" in the way of "logical statements" The objectivve/ technical sense rather than the whatever it is called sense (subjective?) I'll look into it some more and get back to you. What convinced me of what Steve says is that you can prove the empty cup is empty; that it does not have any coffee in it. I

RE: CPAN a myth?
[type in my quote above, "fom" corrected by me] Double parenthesis were meant to invoke humor. I did see your properly serious rely though thanks. here.. See, I did read it! Copy paste: ....end copy paste..... That said, my jibe was apt? For the sake of brevity I used the word 'chemistry'- in the empirical sense rather than actually knowing what the chemicals being manipulated are. required. JW>-> JW>None sought, anyway ((The Sun God!))<-- j/k. When viewed

CPAN a myth?
I'm glad you got the humor inspite of the typo. On the other hand too bad I didn't spell it 'foamer' (as in Fundamentalists). Cindy

CPAN a myth?
Charleston Heston in white beard. Yes. This god had to be white too. Cindy

Parting shot (part 2)
cup Perhaps I'm misreading you, but it seems you're starting with a presumption that CPAN is true (or put another way, treating it as a definition rather than an assertion), then using that to determine what does or does not constitute a negative statement. That wouldn't bother me so much if it didn't lead to what seems to me an extraordinarily strange definition of "negative". It's a bit like treating the assertion "God exists" as an axiom, then defining God