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Re: Hero Worship
REPLYTO 1:102/125.99 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 148 at salata vsn 0.99.970109 From: Blanche Nonken <> X-Ftn-To: Curtis Johnson of for I me; keep Two seperate prophets. Which one do you mean, Elijah (Eliyahu) or Elisha?

gay marriage [1/2]
Oh, it's probably excellent enough, but remember, it _will_ be a pain in the arse to do. Chicken tenders are easy--moose forelegs are tough. But yer certainly welcome. I've been wondering--does your wife filet salmon the way Washington State Native Americans (really a meaningless distinction, except that our Kitsap county Amerinds used to head for the high ground when the Canadian ones showed up) do: down the spine along the ribs? It is so much more intelligent than the ventral

an idiot leaves
Are those _your_ crickets, or did you borrow them? Pathetic is as pathetic does: he _is_ true to himself at least. (

Re: recipe request
REPLYTO 1:102/125.99 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 148 at salata vsn 0.99.970109 From: Blanche Nonken <> X-Ftn-To: MARTY LEIPZIG come but up You rock, Doc. Good to hear you're alive.

an idiot leaves
Jeff claimed he could prove a negative. The best he could do was require the questioner to provide the evidence!

My proof is...
The problem is that Jeffy brought his nerf ball to a hard ball game.

recipe request
Any I I'd have to go past buffalo country and probably would load up there instead!

recipe request
I tried mutton once. Didn't like it. Never had elk. I hear it's pretty good.

i I don't understand what you're getting at.

My proof is...
Did you intend to send me something other than a blank message?

American Purity
a I should think not.

a Why, of course. You're too kind. :D

I think part of the trouble with people's thinking these days is that they are rejecting perfectly sound notions such as this: something either exists or it doesn't.

IIRC, Jack was responding with "He's old news" rather than pursuing a Jeff-related topic further. Some here, though, will keep mentioning him for quite a long time yet. Apparently, they've little else that interests them

Bush's pro-war lies Experts doubt Iraq, al-Qaeda terror link Last Updated Fri, 01 Nov 2002 22:16:17 WASHINGTON U.S. President George W. Bush alleges that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda are working together to threaten the United States. Bush says Iraq and al-Qaeda are co-operating in the pursuit of terror. But that view is being challenged by many in the U.S. intelligence community. Bush has painted an alarming picture of Iraq's ties to the al-Qaeda terror network both at public

My proof is...
Come on, Cin, you know the Sewer Sheep will still be lurking. L'Chaim Mimi On Sept. 12, Israel's flags were flying at half-staff and the Palestinians were dancing in the streets. CMPQwk 1.42 9998 "I DID NOT HAVE BUSINESS RELATIONS WITH THAT MAN, MR.LAY" -GWB

My proof is... [2/2]
Nope, I was not thinking of a message by John Wilson, nor did I tartly reply to this one.

Bobobos -- a new thought!
I just read a claim that we can thank/blame the Sufis for coffee. Some people get headaches from caffeine withdrawal. Which is one reason, I suppose, that it's included in some pain relievers. The urination bit nearly got me when I had to have my emergency minor surgery (incarcerated hernia threatening to strangle). I'd gone nearly 24 hours without coffee, the hospital insisted on kicking me out but they also demanded a urine sample per protocol before kicking me

American Purity
focus Well sure! I was thinking in terms of when physical descripption isn't strictly relevant to the situation. Cindy

Hero Worship
Speaking of which, at one place in Italy into the 1600s there used to be a statue of a saint in a church with well, this congregation may not have had an enormous membership, but it could claim an enormous member that barren women used to ask the aid of alone, with hiked-up skirt. There is no question that _Britannica_ kicks Encarta's ass. Byzantine theological controversies are usually pretty dreary to read about, but not this one.