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My proof is...
a You got that back ass-wards, Jimmy. It's up to you to demonstrate that a god exists.

My proof is...

an idiot leaves
And our strongly held lack of beliefs. Oh, lucky us! <chirp><chirp><chirp><chirp><chirp><chirp><chirp><chirp> I would lift my hand, but he doesn't even rate the effort to affirm his departure.

RE: creation?
Have you a valid alternative?

Such as when he was assaulted by an armed robber. The boat sunk. No, really. If my domain transfer even gets completed, one may see images of the sinking at Other than that, I'm stewing is depression and despair (even with cans of Coke in the cooler). I treated a black woman at work like a human being, which enraged the owner of the facility enough to fire me. She then denied me unemployment compensation.

Re: Do you know this car?
By god, I pray not! The stores around here are selling ANGELS crap by the bargeful. It's kind of disgusting. Tacky, considering "World Series" should be "A-Tiny-Part-of-The-World Series."

Re: Fun With Mormonism
Okay, it's a pack. "MATRONLY: A married woman or a widow, especially a mother of dignity, mature age, and established social position." Shit, shoot *ME* if I get "matronly."

Re: Seventeen Years ago!

My proof is... [2/2]
I'm afraid it was. It was still a claim. <Shrug>


Update on Atlanta Church
I guess it's not "Suffer the children come unto me," but "Let the children come unto me and suffer."

(no subject)
Religion News in Brief The Associated Press Thursday, October 31, 2002; 12:19 PM [Snip] Protests follow ouster of Muslim and Wiccan from Wisconsin clergy group WAUPUN, Wis. (AP) The first Wiccan to serve as a prison chaplain in Wisconsin and a Muslim chaplain were both ousted from the Waupun Clergy Association, which now allows only Christians as members. Muslim Imam Ronald Beyah said last week's action included him so it wouldn't appear the group was targeting the person who

Book of Kings and Relics
This is the same part of the Bible that the missionary to the Goths (Ulifas, IIRC) refused to translate on the grounds that it would only incite them to war. 'The Book of Kings': Gilded Action Thriller By Paul Richard Special to The Washington Post Thursday, October 31, 2002; Page C01 BALTIMORE The small boats rolled and leaked. The horses must have hated the slow voyage. Fodder rotted in the hold. Suits of mail rusted. Thirteenth-century crusading must have

French RCC Attacks Halloween
French Catholics Attack Halloween By Brian Rohan Associated Press Writer Thursday, October 31, 2002; 4:40 PM PARIS Halloween in France took a new twist Thursday, with the Catholic Church sending protesters into Paris and launching a campaign with rock music to refocus attention on All Saints' Day a religious holiday that falls a day after Halloween. Television talk shows turned their attention to the subject. Bakeries passed out fliers about the holiday's patron saints, and a small group

in Was it power hunger or religous conviction that made him do it? what do you think jimmy? Yes that is his name,. So did i actually,. What or who is USPS? Origin: Nerve Center Where the spine is misaligned! (1:261/1000)

Hospital Visit
it was two if books After I satisfy myself with some more Serious Reading I may well get back to him. Very entertaining. poor It looked like a perfect Northern Type Autumn day, almost felt that way too, yesterday. Complete with clouding sky-steadly working up to stormy gray by supper time. Just right for Holloween. (We even have the obligatory fallen leaves!) Cooled all the way down to the sixties. Today looks northy too (skywise) but a whole lot warmer.

Thank Tabasco for that! Cindy

Re: recipe request
Heh heh heh but it sounds so perfectly diabolically GOOD! Yes add some blood yet! Whip it all up in a cast iron cauldron yet. I sent copies to a couple strong at heart brothers and a brother-in-law I know will want to try it. (Especially the brother-in-law). My hubby might too. Perhaps I should stick to something tame by comparison, like a fave recipe of Jambalaya (sp) we have. I'm feeling adventurous. Cindy

My proof is...
and who Hey. He's in my REAL twitter so I missed the Departing Speech. Did What did I miss? Nothing? Thought so. I highly expect given his usual posting style that he gave an exemplary illustration of what is called "projection" IOW "ignorant" psychobabble. Cindy

G'day Jimmy, long time no chat, my last message to you no whithstanding,. Ta Ta For Now,. No you horn dog, it is not, it mearly is a farewell so you can put your tongue back in your mouth now,.