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In Ehrlich's imagination, weren't we supposed to run out of oil in 1974 and then start dropping like flies?

What kind of people are you?

Begging The Question
So do you.

Did everyone get that? The Senate is part of Bush's administration. That's interesting. I thought the Senate was controlled by the democrats.

Free thinkers?? You people?? Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!

WTF is going on?
Let's try a different tack. What did Kristofferson have right?

Ah! So it's not lack of food that will do us in, but excessive consumption! Got it.

Cindy, trust me on this. Don't BBS while drinking.

And with the exception of Curtis Johnshon, get hit with a load of "duh," psychobabble and "fuck you and the child you rode in on."

So the recent court ruling on Florida's election practices is acceptable to you?

legalized slaver
Well, Ed, you seem to have moved into the psychobabbleanalysis phase. You'll be a gay pedophile before you know it.

I know that no thread is ever truly complete until we get your breathless take on it. Here's the entire post. Give it your best shot, sister. big Bush is such an asshole. Last year Brevard County was finally granted Federal aid to 'renurture' the beaches after Hurricaine Floyd et el whizzed by the year before. Now the senate is slashing that aid. Sheeze. (This after a lot of residents put up big fusses about it and all.) Why

So, Jeff, do explain why Solomon had all of those wives.

More wild-assed guessed on your part! Provide evidence for a god and we'll talk about it.

Echo Guidelines
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Re: Abort ...
The Fruit of the Earth Aloe Gel does not repel mosquitos nor does it claim to, but it DOES take the itch out of the bites. It's very soothing to dry skin too. "OFF" does work to repel them, yes. Ask them to write notes. <G> Cindy

Making fun of people that say it takes money to raise kids doesn't sound too clued in Ross. I've never read you saying anything like that. Maybe they don't want any yet or at all. That's their right. Okay. And that's good of you. Cindy

Movies ...
get "Twister" was it yes. Thanks. What year was that out? I can't remember for beans when it was we saw it. cindy

Re: Politics
That too. What circa 2K years old and there's people who still believe in that stuff. Sheeze. Mind willing! cindy

Re: Outside The Box
Yeah I know that. Have read lots of British authors. And what I said is what I meant. Did he typo or did he mean Twit's filter. Joe's twitwattage is running rather high lately. cindy