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Where're We From? 2/2
Pffft. Ack.

Good point. Unfortunately, the scriptures cover only his adult life the days of his ministry.

Yes you did. You are a liar. This is from Tuesday of this week.... and "All" means something to people who speak English.

COPS show
He follows Karlie and Judith around like a lost pup.

legalized slavery
Sure. In early April..... read then (I don't remember who SM is. One of the Herd, suffice it to say.) Kingdom of Not my men who simple Christ At that point, you posted some scripture about having the faith of a child or something similar which has nothing to do with the concept of Christain rebirth, thus killing the thread. That concept of spiritual rebirth originated with Christ not with Jerry Falwell or Robert Tilton or Pat

Oil reserves
Now you're back on track, Karlie. SV: Two bachelors discussing homosexual rape. Hmmmmmm.

Creationist CRAP!
Tom? Ich libbe in love-longinge For semlokest of alle thynge, He may me blisse bringe, Ich am in hire baundoun. An hendy hap ichabbe y-hent, Ichot from hevene it is me sent, From alle wymmen my love is lent And lyht on Alysoun. On heu hire her is fayr ynoh, Hire browe broune, hire eye blake; With lossum chere11 he on me loh; With middel smal and wel y-make; Bote he me wolle to hire take For to buen hire

Creationist CRAP!
Huh? In the future, could you dictate your responses to someone who can translate those responses before entering them here? No wait, that'd take all the fun out of it. Carry on.

Baptist school pervert
Before the flight, Leslie Nielson is at the magazine counter in the airport terminal. The magazine he is reading is called "Modern Sperm." The magazine rack behind him is labeled "Whacking Material."

Creationist CRAP!
Jusith is never wrong. Take it to the bank. One of the cases I post a bit later quotes Justices O'Connor and Brennan.

Irregardless? Whassat mean?

Creationist CRAP!
You are about as full of shit as anyone I have ever encountered in Fido. This is what you said: CHALLENGING THE MOTTO: O'HAIR v. BLUEMENTHAL The 1978 MADALYN MURRAY O'HAIR v. W. MICHAEL BLUMENTHAL case was decided at the U.S Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. There, the court invoked the notion of "secular purpose," suggesting that like prayer at government meetings or other displays of religiosity in government, the motto was "really" no religious. The court declared

You've got to hand it to Dan. He is a very, very funny boy. I love reading his stuff. Really.

In God We Trust
This is a lost cause, guys. This is her story and she is sticking to it. The Supreme Court is an appellate court. I find it astounding that an American citizen doesn't know that.

Echo Guidelines
Re: HOLYSMOKE Echo Guidelines Basic Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this echo are those of the writers identified in the header of each message. No other responsibility is expressed or implied for the content of the messages in this echo. Rules to Follow: [1] Please refrain from attempting to force your ideas on others, or to be deliberately disruptive in the echo. Those who engage in such activity may find their feed to this echo terminated. Importing your personal

School violence
My my my Are there still people in here complaining about being small turds in a big bowl? <grin> Hiya Mr. Martin. I have returned, I hope. What have I missed? The wayward Richard Smith MM 1.1 Unregistered MailMaker Your Windows offline reader!

Creationist CRAP!
That's easy. The alleged Jesus was allegedly born a Jew, and allegedly remained a Jew his whole life, right? Come to think of it, he'd never have converted to Xianity if it was around in his day, he was always the good Jew.* Good think Paul waited to start the faith until the coffers were nearly empty after JC's death. Yeah, I see the quandry. Smirk.) That old Richard Smith MM 1.1 Unregistered MailMaker Your Windows offline

clinical homosexualism
Awwww, Karl you're not going to let her define your sexuality, are you? <beg> Next thing you know, you'll tell me you don't want to be a scoutmaster Richard Smith, furiously stirring MM 1.1 Unregistered MailMaker Your Windows offline reader!

School violence
of the people's then we <raising eyebrow at transparent soto-voice dashing about behind the scenes and much gesturing in secret Illuminati hand gestures.> You know, the words may vary from time to time, but damn it if the song doesn't stay the same. I could have bowed out last week and not have noticed and change Richard Smith, chortling softly to himself MM 1.1 Unregistered MailMaker Your Windows offline reader!

Creationist CRAP!
on of her her. but Methinks someone is just Staaling Richard Smith, punster out of true MM 1.1 Unregistered MailMaker Your Windows offline reader!