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It makes sense, really, when using technology to build something of that magnitude. The rock cutters has to be very precise, for instance. The mathmatics that is evident in their placement and facing is probably not due to random chance, either. Joe Lafoon ICQ# 448659

The problem is, there are areas where evidence could support a multitude of theories. Joe Lafoon ICQ# 448659

Re: Where're We From?
If it was very stable, why did it evolve? I thought a stable niche was the proof against evolution. so of by Very interesting. How many millions of tries would it take to get enough cells to be an actual population? Would they all be the same, or (as I expect) would parallel organisms develope? Looking ahead millions or billions of years, how did these spontanious life forms get from populations of asexual single-cell life to mult-cell sexual life or

Re: Where're We From?
I should have put "know" in quotes. In the previous post, you answered one of my questions that the first life forms had a fairly stable niche. This makes sense, since they are the first. So why did they evolve? It would seem to me that random evolution could occur, regardless of pressure to change. Another question: Although I understand evolution in the "positive" direction, IE pressure forces evolution to adapt, what about the natural tendency of entropy to cause

Re: Another
of They are. Anyone arrested is registered, career has nothing to do with it. I didn't mean to imply otherwise. for Clergy are not pardoned for this crime. Even in the examples posted, the perp has been arrested eventually. I think some are confusing criminal justice with church justice. We can not prosecute that which we do not know about, and it doesn't help that the victims allow themselves to be bought off. on I agree, but that is not

Re: Food/Booze Addic
and Absolutely. Haven't seen them, they sound good. I am headed to Georgia in July, I may have to try and find some. I try to find healthy foods with the same textures. Like bananas for cake, grapes for finger food, that sort of thing. Doesn't always work, but I try. to Context is everything. why I don't think the RCC has anything to do with it. I think it is a societal perception that food is okay, and booze

Re: Food/Booze Addict
I love fresh tortellini. In any dish. I have seen those types of cakes. I read about one that was a litter box, complete with clumps and a poop scoop for a server! Very creative, if a little gross... Judith has already judged me a "moron" after a week. It will get worse. I would bet good money on it. we This is why you will not catch me "pushing religion." I will ask a lot of questions, some very

Re: Another
You Thank you. Judith, the subject of this particular response from Stan, has already ruled that I am a "moron." It is hard to have a rational discussion with someone like that. I can't help but think Stan is right WRT her. Do you condemn all teachers as you condemn all clergy? Why or why not? Does your (assuming) atheist backround cause you to be biased in this judgement? a They may be protected by the organization, much the way

Thank you. I do not subscribe to the so-called "herd" mentality, on either side of any issue. I have been called a right winger, a conservative, etc. and I don't really care. Water off a ducks back. I am a believer and a libertarian, but not a thumper or a fundy. Live and let live, punish the guilty and leave the rest of us alone. Joe Lafoon ICQ# 448659

Re: Where're We From? 1/2
I don't know if you are close or not, this isn't my area of experience either. But I am willing to listen just the same. But we are not single-cell organisms. DNA is some powerful stuff. One little change and you have fruitflies with more eyes than they used to. I assume you are familiar with entropy? Would it seem unreasonble to apply it to biology, and assume that some of the time devolution would happen, going from order to

Re: Where're We From? 2/2
Douglas Adams died this week. He was only 49. "Thanks for all the fish!" The key for me is, we just don't know. I am not the type to attribute to God everything we don't know. But I am not willing to dismiss the possibility that DNA is something planned. It seems almost too perfect a system to have just happened, especially with no evidence that this has happened anywhere else in the universe. That evidence may yet exist, not

Re: Where're We From?
This part of evolution I accept. It is new species generation that puzzles me. And the question of sentience, which I admit I am at a loss to really define. Right down below you contradict this statement. Of course. I realize some are convinced that "conservatives" (who I get lumped in with) have no sense of humor. But I like to think I do. Understood. It is the common ancestry I have a problem with. I have no problem with

Ashcroft's religious bigo
Well, I suppose we can always assume the worst about all charities, and that they all lie about those numbers. Perhaps I am more of an optimist. But thanks for confirming what I said. It is not unusual for charities to be charitable. Joe Lafoon ICQ# 448659

Another "holy" pervert
to Liberal and conservative are labels that are often misused. I usually try to avoid them, but fell into my own trap. Thank you. I am very happy with my education thus far. of I look at the UL for a model to build on. Or IEEE. Perhaps not perfect, but better than another federal agency. Old Dominion University. Joe Lafoon ICQ# 448659

With so many equations and formulas related to these fields, it is easy to make a mistake. Joe Lafoon ICQ# 448659

Re: New Burgie Helper
I personally think rare beef is safer than the media would have us believe, assuming it is stored correctly. The problem is guaranteeing that your grocer did so. I am not a huge fan of genetic engineering, but I am not one to condemn it outright either. I think there is a balance to be had, and as long as no "wrong lines" are crossed, I think it will be beneficial to society. Joe Lafoon ICQ# 448659

Re: School violence
Actually, that was the difference specified in the article I read. Many animals have randomly attacked humans, but polar bears (and the other animal) have been observed to actively hunt humans. Only thing I remember about Komodo dragons is they have a lot of nasty growing in their mouths, making even small bites usually fatal by infection. Joe Lafoon ICQ# 448659

Re: Food/Booze Addiction
I stand by that statement. The forgiven part is from God, not man. I have no problem separating man's justice from God's, perhaps I should have been more clear on that. of Sure it does. Forgiveness isn't automatic, even WRT sin. One must sincerely repent. There is punishment for crimes in the Bible as well. God didn't seem to have a problem with that aspect of justice. I can't argue with that. God appears to have been one mean dude

Well, that explains a lot. I don't believe much of the Old Testiment is literally true. It was a way for ancient people to place things they observed into text, in language they understood at the time. AAMOF, I take the same view toward the whole Bible. it Well, extinct is relative to living humans. If there is a Heaven and eternal life, then we really never do go extinct. But that is not incompatible with all life on earth

Re: Another
Agreed. I am not here to convince anybody to start believing. That isn't my calling. I will explain my beliefs when asked, and leave the individual to judge for themself. All I ask is the same consideration. Joe Lafoon ICQ# 448659