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Fundy stupidity
And now I learn that the laundromat has moved to Cranberry. Evans City was the home of "Night of the Living Dead". Its only claim to fame since the other movie made there (The Crazies) bombed badly.

a an Unfortunately, some shelters don't like to adopt out dogs because they make more selling them to bunchers...who then sell them for fighting bait or to labs.

THE Weather PAge 1/2
I cannot for the life of me understand how he can say he never learned anything about thermodynamics and yet throw around 'entropy' as part of his argument against evolution.

AGIST! :-)
Well it sure ain't me. I sure as hell resent having to share initials with that turd.

Clinton and communion
My bet: Ross's lie was that Stan's paper "isn't bad."

Agist! :-)
Another George Pope classic, right up there with his defense of thinking bacteria. To be more exact, he was claiming that the OT contained codes for the coordinates on Earth (or Mars, he wasn't sure IIRC) where we'd find the info about how to terraform Mars.

Biblical contradictions
In Tennessee, Williams heats that brand of ice cream and sticks a cat on it.

Talking to a Creatio
And which denomination (oh, pray tell) "dares not speak its name"? *Durango b301 #PE*

Another Hunter Lie Expos
Well, Curtis, since I didn't want any of your friends to miss your `great' put-downs, I thought I'd take the trouble to make sure they saw how you did it. And I haven't posted in that echo since, but that doesn't mean I don't read it. If that is your standard, then I suppose that proves Wayne Chirnside a liar as well, since he claims to shut that echo off every time you turn around but then posts there agian

Re: Picking on
Do you have some reason for this strategy?

Re: Why yes
God a I don't go around trying to prove things that there is no evidence for. Why don't *YOU* design an experiment to prove the Easter Bunny. I've seen *evidence* for evolution and even collected fossils myself. My brother is a geologist and fossil hunter and I've gone along with him on occassion. I've also done hands on experiments with radioactive isotopes that demonstrate the rather rigidly predictable rates of emission of particles that govern atomic clocks accurate to a

Tolkien stuff
Now I'm embarrassed.

THE Weather PAge 1/2
IOW's you didn't understand it. Marblehead MA. Senior High. Gee, so didn't I but there were certainly no questions on thermodynamics on that little quiz, hell, I could have passed it in grade 7. Hardest question I saw on the GED concerned determining the length of the third unkown side of a triangle, square root of the sum of the two opposite sides squared. a can roaches! First it isn't 'ADAPTATION' it's SELECTION, those roaches that happen to survive

One Nation, Under God
Maybe you guys should adopt the phrase "In Santa We Trust".... Michael Gothreau

Tolkien stuff
Much of the data collected from 1990 to present has been summed up in Shermer's _How We Believe_. We're not even near the top. U.S.A, Australia, New Zealand, then it drops by a magnitude...

It certainly is. You are comparing subjective assumptions with objective observations and using the same word to symbolize both. You haven't yet broken your tautology. We could discover tomorrow that gravity is an effect of brotherly love. Gravity would exist unchanged, and the theory of gravity would exist, changed.

Agist! :-)
I'll not argue that he's a quack. Still, it does not prove he's a fundy. I'm claiming all three points. And there you have it. Tim is quite venomous as well. Michael Gothreau

Re: ...
I wonder if we could sell the dude some patented 'Dark Sucker' bulbs

Re: ...
32'/sec/sec, mass causes it and there is a dirrect correlation between the amount of mass and the amount of gravity, next questions. Can I interest you in some 'Dark Sucker' bulbs.

as I don't understand. .you went to college and paid all that money for classes to learn to talk like that? Read this carefully: Each and every word I posted I meant. Not one single word was by accident or a mistake. Including whatever I posted to or about Hamilton and his suicide attempt. (Take `that' to your keyboard and make something out of it.) Please do so at your earliest convenience. I haven't cross-posted anything to your