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Yeah, boy!
I don't see any from you, Stan. Pius XII or John XXIII? You notice that he didn't answer the question. You don't want to talk religion. Why are you here? Absolutely.

Thank you. Well, so much for "group think". :-P It's possible that you are mistaking humourous jibes for positive claims. Show me what you've got. The probabilities for the above seem similar to me. Show me otherwise. [stuff about pyramids and ESP snipped and moved to a new thread] I look forward to seeing you present evidence for God, then. Okay, so what is it that you think makes God probable? Pure logic and pure mathematics are a separate, man-made

Agist! :-)
Yep, you qualify. We've seen this all before, Jeff, including the arrogance, the pats on the butt to one's buddies in Christ, and all the logical fallacies. Excellent. Show me some "proof" for God. I'll take evidence, if that's OK by you. Why don't you mathematically disprove the existence of Odin, while you're busy? Now hold on there, little feller. Don't get too excited, and don't break your arm by patting yourself on the back. :-D You've erected the classical

"Correct" is a relative term, as "cured of their problems" can take on other dimensions, such as the use and abuse of God as a drug.

ESP, Pyramids, etc.
Are you sure? New Age enthusiasts make that claim all the time, without substantiating it. Can you provide a reference to a scientific study of ESP that defies scientific explanation? Are you aware that anyone who can demonstrate paranormal abilities in a controlled setting can claim one million dollars from the James Randi Educational Foundation? See Yep. Thank Reason for the JREF, CSICOP, and skeptics in general. References, please. I think you'll find that you're quite mistaken. You're not

Agist! :-)
That's a good question, as I don't remember that thread. [Captain Calabrese] I'll have to see if it's here somewhere.

Another Pile
Why don't we have a campaign where we all get together and mail our snot to organizations that send us this stuff?

I'm wondering if he wants me to defend the scumbags in the article. Ball's in his court as to the point he wants to make. Probably another straw man, as is his wont.

Biblical contradictions
I did about the same thing. Holler one evening and we can meet up there. The place is fast food, but I thought the stuff was quite good. That's what I'm not understanding. The tasting room is in Pilot Point. The vineyards are allegedly in Whitesboro, although I haven't seen them, but the back of the bottle I bought from a place in Denton says "Lubbock" on the back. When I go up to Pilot Point to do some tasting,

Those letters are much earlier documents than the Gospels and Paul had a significant hand in shaping early Christianity so it's not surprising that his letters would be included. LOL. Well, I always liked Doubting Thomas better than Paul. Paul appears to have played a large part in moving Christianity from being a movement strictly within Judaism to being a separate religion. Brad

One Nation, Under God
"That Pius X....what a great guy at barbecues!" Phil Poravsik. Now I remember. The guy who claimed to be a "Catholic Fundy," WTF that means.

You're right! Gays ARE recruiting!
Nope, but I do have an old tape here that I want to share with them. It's only fair.

Tolkien stuff
Yep. I watch hockey, I don't have to pay when I get sick and I say "eh" a lot. <g> I've been told that Canada has the world's highest per capita belief in creationism. Ouch. However, I've lost the URL to the poll that was supposed to show that. So, I don't know exactly what is meant in that poll by "belief in creationism" and I've no idea what questions were asked (i.e. I won't vouch for the accuracy of

Agist! :-)
Well, I'd get a cart that weighed the same as a duck because then it would magically float. Brad

Okay, I'll have to do a search using the keyphrase "kiss Hank's ass". Wow, Google turns up plenty of matches for that one, all of them starting exactly the same as what Martin posted. Brad

Of Dragons and Gods
Like Wicca? That reminds me of something that has puzzled me... I've met skeptics in Fido who have hinted at being Wiccans. That always seemed very strange to me. Someone is skeptical, discards the religion they grew up in (presumably because of their skepticism) and then grabs hold of another religion. I don't get it. Brad

One Nation, Under God
the you g Social Development and Economic Security, yes, I know of them. I, and others I know who are on DB2, get the runaround and shuffled from worker to worker, quite regularly (my theory is that they have it set up so there's not so much time that a worker becomes 'attached' to the client so much that the worker begins to think of them humanely. When they've cycled through all the FAWs

out Philosophy/Logic is scientific. Your friend, (Cyberpope(the Bishop of ROM!)) (Yahoo AOL Instant Messengers' ID=Cyberpope67 ICQ UIN: 32617950; Odigo ID=Cyberpope homepage:

It's more of an overall principle, I think. (eg. in the exhortations against gluttony drunkenness, in setting up 'guards' about sexual chastity(ie. marriage)) My personal beliefs/goal of "moderation in all things, INCLUDING moderation" probably derives as much from folk wisdom as from the Bible. I always include the "INCLUDING moderation" in my things to be moderate about, because I've noted that those who are excessively focussed on avoiding something (eg. Vegans, teetotallers)

THE Weather PAge 1/2
is t my Librar in I understand enough to see that your referring to it was a non sequitur! Hatzic Junior Secondary for Grade 8 Skipped Grade 9 Mission Senior Secondary School for grade 10 I was out of school for a number of years after that took my GED without any preparations, in the spring of 1987 and scored all sections in the highest result range... a can I am quite aware of ADAPTION this may