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Talking to a Creatio
It's Spring. The chirps are all around you!

CL. As far as we're concerned in Romance, the accusative is the only tense worth scrutiny. <laugh> Actually, one of my professors had some ideas about nouns coming from the dative, but alas, I don't remember his reasoning. Fuck those deponent verbs! Absolutely. It looks like the French of Nostradamus's time.

THE Weather PAge 1/2
See previous message... Is this also Cricket Season?

Biblical contradictions
Great flavours of ice cream that I get from the Stroh's affiliates back home in Detroit. The wife eats stuff like that. If I eat it, I won't touch chocolate for three years.

O'Hair has been buried
Good for him for not only abiding by her wishes, but most importantly, not allowing the whole thing to turn into a media circus.

THE Weather PAge 1/2
They have to. To do less makes them into what they are.

"Latest virus news"
I have no doubt that Sheets would keep the guy busy for awhile if he did.

Batman ...
"Looks like an Indian to me." How much older?

BSA bullshit
Moot point. He was already out of the troop by then. Our Scout leader knew him, and I'm pleased to say that the kid was straightening his life out, last I heard. He was a good kid, but I have to admit that when I heard about what he did, I had some memories of razzing him a few times. <gulp> I don't believe that has ever gone beyond the allegation stage. If you've got something concrete, I'd like to

Your tagline
Maybe Just don't hold your breath! I've asked hin the same thing and I know he won't anwser with anything rational.

Agist! :-)
"Sitting on the can" might be a better venue.

One Nation, Under God
Well, I was being facetious with the puns, but "It's a harmless tradition" has often been used to justify leaving God and government combined.

Agist! :-)
I'm over here, Stan. Who says it works? I've noted that insecure religious types wield homosexuality as an insult.

"Latest virus news"
If he comes back, call him a "liberal" and kick him while he's down. Find out for yourself.

Agist! :-)
Hey, me a favour. Don't talk like that when Tim Richardson50 is around. We don't want to get him excited.

Talking to a Creatio
We've heard that whine for years, now.

Your tagline
Why, one that gives us an open and honest answer about who really found the body on 28-29 of 1978.

What does the age of the earth (estimated at about 4.5 billion years) have to do with "how evolved" the human species is? What do you mean by "evolved a lot more"? Brad

Give us some numbers, Jeff. How many have been "cured of their problems"? (One wonders... all their problems? Just their addictions? What does he mean by "their problems" anyway?) Brad

Like this one: "Oh, I get it. You aren't just a FAGGOT-LOVER, you're a horse-sucker as well." [Hey, this how you'd like me to deal with Tim50, since you seem to have an objection to my referring to his mother?] I can assure you, Tim50, that I am quite calm when I call you a "hateful bigot." Your own words have damned you for the filthy piece of distended rectum that you are. Is it time for me