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New York again
Why do all the xians pray for a reprieve? Not based on their religion it doesn't. In fact, they get 60 houris for their troubles.

Echo Guidelines
Re: HOLYSMOKE Echo Guidelines Basic Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this echo are those of the writers identified in the header of each message. No other responsibility is expressed or implied for the content of the messages in this echo. Rules to Follow: [1] Please refrain from attempting to force your ideas on others, or to be deliberately disruptive in the echo. Those who engage in such activity may find their feed to this echo terminated. Importing your personal

They're still out there? Which is a tip off the the astrological side of their origin.

United we Stand
on That only only counts if both blades were still on the ice before you fell on your ass. If if get just pushed backwards, I can glide. I just can't maintain speed, let alone go faster. I know the technique to do so, but can't translate it to make it work. Dart team?

United we Stand
Me bless the Zamboni, the epitome of a VW Beetle.

An Answer to your Questio
Of course. Doesn't take away from my point. Joe Lafoon ICQ# 448659

Specter on Bush
I had always been skeptical, but the "magic bullet theory" was tested in a ballistics lab with a cadaver. They could, indeed, make it happen, perfect bullet and all, using the same lot of ammo and a similar gun. This was printed in a ballistics newsletter a few years ago. I found it interesting, but in a lab everything is "perfect." I remain skeptical. Joe Lafoon ICQ# 448659

the emperor's new earthqu
Holy f'ing cow. Joe Lafoon ICQ# 448659

Re: winter forecast
REPLYTO 1:102/125.99 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 148 at salata vsn 0.99.970109 From: Blanche Nonken <> We call those Noreasters, Dale. And they are not uncommon. Bear in mind that a good noreaster can *take* the moisture from a Great Lakes storm, and vice-versa.

REPLYTO 1:102/125.99 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 148 at salata vsn 0.99.970109 From: Blanche Nonken <> X-Ftn-To: JOE LAFOON Webchats are a pain in the ass, IMO. IRC is thriving, especially on college campuses.

Is it just me, or does it seem like Little dick can't behave better than a thirteen year old boy? Look at the facts: he holds grudges and seeks out opportunities to harass his enemies (that's childish, and even though that's exactly what I'm doing to him, I am only doing it to show him what he does to others feels like) he has no respect for women (which makes me wonder if he ever knew his mother)

Notice they aren't screaming into the echo to help him, this time... Michael Gothreau _____________________________________________________ netmail 1:393/9005.666 email:

That's real BIG of you, Little dick. Now, if you could just learn to be courteous to women and others you might actually make us believe they gave you a human heart. Michael Gothreau _____________________________________________________ netmail 1:393/9005.666 email:

Little Dick
What is your problem? So he was in the military for only 65 days. Why is this one of the central themes of your stalking of Ross? Is it that Ross once said something you didn't like, or you believed was an outright lie? Whatever. Get over it, man No wonder you wore out your first heart. Michael Gothreau _____________________________________________________ netmail 1:393/9005.666 email:

This is definitely true. There is no way Little dick was a high school graduate when he joined the service. I doubt if he had passed grade 8. Michael Gothreau _____________________________________________________ netmail 1:393/9005.666 email:

"God's Plan" ?
What did you think of "Silent Movie?" And "Spaceballs?"

Some good quotes
Enron CEO's hid half a billion dollars in debts, to artificially keep their stock prices up, until they could unload them. So now stockholders not "in the know" and those who have retirement plans through Enron stock, are losing their ass. All the while Enron CEO's that hid the debts made over $100 billion from selling their stock. And Enron over the years contributed over a million dollars to Bush campaigns.

Maybe someone should tell his mommy, so she can send him to his room.

Light Bulb
I think I've seen it before, but thanks. I needed the laugh. Besides, most fundys aren't too bright anyway! <G>

Sorry, but I don't dig that cold stuff. But I thought he meant there are 3 hookers up there. <G>