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Yup. And yesterday the Packers smushed the Carolina Panthers too! <G>

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So for the Sewer sharks, their posts are SNAFU, and they are TARFU and FUBAR. <G>

National gay of prayer
indings Spain Was there really a clear distinction between church and state in that time and place? as Again, were the roles of church and state really so discrete? of The Crusaders didn't have the killing technology we had in the twentieth century. Perhaps. I'm less concerned about which religion he might have used than with there being a religious connection. I suppose that could smoke out the worst of them. Brad

Anti-war rally
More shit from Fox. for Yeah, ain't it just SOOOOO horrible that these people want to use the 1rst amendment right to protest, that Smirk, Assholecroft and such want to burn? several following the Morschhauser, 37, of stars have He's right. Just look at what is STILL going on, 10 years after the Gulf War. spreading out lyrics turned demonstrators. arrests. including protest the pepper officers. in Usama attacks. Your dream has come true, Jeff! You made into Fox news!

of One of my illustrations of a low probability event is a year's worth of duplicate bridge hands at a typical club. Such a compilation presents an event that is far less probable than picking a particular single electron out of all of them. MM 1.1 #0357 Can I blame all of my spelling on line noise?

National gay of prayer
It certainly does NOT clear the men involved, whether they were popes in a council chamber or paupers in a mob. No, that's pretty much plain history. Most of the burnings were in Spain and were for heresy, not witchcraft. And the heresy was a trumped up charge against Christians of Jewish descent that the Spanish government wanted gone. And much of the rest of the "burning" was part of the Protestant vs. Catholic nonsense that messed up Europe for

one? Wonder on. Seek and ye shall find. It's your abusive tone. In my experience, people who indulge in bouts of silly, gratuitous abuse for the sake of reading their own bad prose usuall do so, not to seek answers, but to prop up an ego that is at once the object of their faith and of their doubts... MM 1.1 #0357 Who is General Failure and why is he reading my disk?

Around here, the power goes out when there is a lightning strike in the midst of a great electrical storm. It is a little hard to predict the exact instant though. Say what? Look, you are the one who brought it up. You want me to look up to see what you are talking about? Are you too good to explain yourself, or what? I'll tell you though, that this infinitesimal could not be a positive value. If one were

Your language skills are so limiting. Oh well, you make up for the lack of intellect with verbosity and name calling. Ed

What, besides the convenience, causes you to surmise that though the movement of the hand is continuous while running, the set of stopping positions is not dense? Ed

Global Customs
So, do you believe what Don said just above? <g> Ed

Global Customs
You have real problems and you have my sympathy. I'm sure Don is thrilled that you came to his defense, or were you merely attacking me? Whatever. It was sweet. Now here is a great example for what I mean by psuedo-intellectual. Look at the stuff you and Don CHOOSE to discuss. I don't even want to repeat it, so you will have to look above. By the way, you didn't say whether you believed Don or not, but knowing

An Answer to your Questio
And you know this how? (uh-uh, assumed for the sake of discussion) The issue was Don's stating that given certain attributes, God should have done something about that attrocity. My question was in the same context, but Don decided that rather than explain his context, he was going to play the intellectual make that the wounded intellectual who if only he were represented correctly by the rabble was just chomping at the bit (oops, some of my rabbleness

Rush screws up again
That's easy. The folks who are going to get more than $250 million as a reward for owning the rights. Ed

One down
Why so sour? Ed

"God's Plan" ?
You're still shouting too loud to hear His still small voice... MM 1.1 #0357 Who is General Failure and why is he reading my disk?

Conservative idiots
Note from Ross: With "leaders" like these, is it any wonder the Sewer sharks post the stupidity they do? The Top Ten Conservative Idiots (Week 38) October 1, 2001 Ari Force One Edition The national crisis seems to be bringing out the best in some people, and the worst in others. Ari "come fly our friendly lies" Fleischer (1) is steadfastly failing to follow his own advice, Bret Schundler (2) has figured out that using the World Trade Center disaster

Tim's "source"
Note from Ross: With a "source" like this, is it any wonder Tim's whacko obsession with gay cooties is so pronounced? Conservative Group Assails White House 'Trend' on Gays By Ben White Sunday, September 30, 2001; Page A04 In a clear sign that not all politics has taken on a restrained tone since the terrorist attacks, the conservative Family Research Council issued a blistering critique of the Bush administration last week, accusing the White House of giving an "implicit endorsement"

my books if being stuff, Well, meet one. But then I'm probably the ORIGINAL home user in these parts. My Altair 8800A was either the first or the second personal computer in the province. I ran that tiny OS that the Altair shipped with, then the SMB on my Xitan, then CP/M, DOS, Unix, Windows 3.0 and 3.1. OS/2 through Warp 4, Linux and lately NT. If M$ truly screws the pooch, they will find out about it when they