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Biblical contradictions
I believe he's stretching for hippocampus.

Biblical contradictions
This is no objection at all. You have very, very few of the atoms you had ten years ago. (The old factoid about the body replacing its atoms every seven years is not really true; the turnover rate varies considerably depending on the tissue. DNA probably has the lowest turnover rate.) Are you a clone instead of the original? There's been a couple of interesting SF stories about exactly this question. One could view it as killing, but it wouldn't

Scientific Method
his impugn more I'm not supporting anyone I'm merely asking for EVIDENCE for such a claim against someone(could be ANYONE I don't know this Appletoon person, and really have no interest to) You've shown me no evidence, either nobody has adequately answered my simple direct questioning of the original claims made against Appleton you are all, in typical fundy fashion, expecting me to accept your word, just because you said so! :P Your friend,

sexuality genetic?
of for die a LOL. "hell" i and is as yo yo pretend the exist but Nope, I never said that a corpse is a person I said that "hell" is a catch-all phrase that culturally meant "death". Your friend, (Cyberpope(the Bishop of ROM!)) (Yahoo AOL Instant Messengers' ID=Cyberpope67 ICQ UIN: 32617950 homepage:

sexuality genetic?
and you in Because _your very own words_ that I had responded to were refusing to acknowledge Nahum's "theological statement"! and *LOL* Not my view my sarcasm buy a clue! both Based on what? It LOOKS that way, on a purely superficial examination of population resources, but a deeper look reveals that we're far from "full"! Your friend, (Cyberpope(the Bishop of ROM!)) (Yahoo AOL Instant Messengers' ID=Cyberpope67 ICQ UIN: 32617950 homepage:

Bible Experts!
All I know is that LOT's wife was a pillar of salt by day, and a ball of fire by night! The most amusing part of this is the original is "the gods help those who help themselves" which would be extremely offensive to most xians! (it's an old Aesop moral) It's also a shabby excuse for a "translation"! My dad has a Bible printed over 140 years ago that has some interesting differences in the way oft-quoted passages were

Holy shit
I don't wish snow on anyone who doesn't want it. I know just what it's like to live in a place that isn't equipped to deal with it. We got dumped on Dec 15 and it took six days to get the town unstuck. Mind you, we're halfway up a mountain. Even the imports have forgotten how to drive in it (clue: slow). I'm sick of snow and I'm sick of people telling me I should like it.

Re: Obviously nuthin' muc
Oh, I already did. Further after discovering just how well the church has this foreclosure scam worked out, no recourse for long standing tenants not even two weeks notice, I researched the matter. I'm maintaining contact with the county clerks office and the defendants attorneys to track what happens with the mortgage and when the church takes it back, as Aluisy said they would. I've contacted landlord tenant services state of Florida, intend to contact the I.R.S. and any other

Biblical contradictions
You've already seen me explain why your brother and that girl are not miracles at all. If you consider Jesus turning water into wine evidence, then you must also consider Dionysus turning water into wine as evidence. And Dionysus did it more than once: at his temple in Corinth, there was a room with a tank of water that was shown to all interested, then the door was bricked up, and a couple of days later the room was unsealed

Re: Another brainless fu
Interesting. The guy that wrote that rides the bus a lot... singing, giving warning of the End Times...:-) He gets around a lot. I don't want to think that there's mor'n one of him... Also it's a little scarey. I responded in this echo to John Voigt awhile back, using his `style' ---and was surprised to find a post of mine with all the naughty words echoed in PHILOSOPHY by a former participant here.

Anybody notice this?
Coincidentally, I saw it last night. Very interesting. BWAHAHA. Yeah...they're just -so- altruistic.

Anybody notice this?
About 50 years ago. LOL

Re: Anybody no this?
The simple fact is, I've studied a little about the Ba, the Ka, The Double, The Shadow in the Ancient Egyptian Theocracy and have compared these concepts to the Mahayana Buddhist understanding of the Composite scholar, I, but little attempt at pretense. Do you really think I was trying to impress you? Hey, lemme ask *you*: What IS a soul?

Holy shit
We've already had over 3X the normal amount for the entire winter here. It's still flurrying at 10 am this morning. Happy new year.

Anybody notice this?
Too easy: take some salted water, add a whole chicken, boil into an unrecognizable sludge...

Re: Anybody notice this?
Ahh. Thanks! This place CAN be a place o' learnin'

Biblical contradictions
Yet another contender in the "World's Thinnest Book" competetion.

Fundys making laws
Please, madam, decorum. Or deco-bourbon, whatever. Just tell 'em: 'it's not a drink, it's a glacier kit.'

Anybody notice this?
Ahhh...yer just cheezed you didn't think of it first....