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"Pull the plug." "I can't, he's overridden the bridge's system!" (It's alway amazed me that some 2-bit ensign in the broom closet could control everything in or out of the bridge!) Not for a goood punch line...

Biblical contradictions
The one Toddy won't read??

Catholic poop
If you want to worship this message, that's up to you. Should you do so, however, make sure you send my your tythe. Care to place a bet on that?

Howdy sinners!
Did you get old or something? Or, have you been hanging out in California too long?

Another song for you
A cynic probably didn't get doted on by an attractive (although not terribly bright) young lady all night.

Kill kids of Jesus
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: police helpless against religious cults From: Joe's Garage <> Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2000 19:34:36 -0400 From: Waiting Game in Shadow of Waco=20 By Paul Duggan Washington Post Staff Writer Wednesday, August 30, 2000 A01=20 TRINIDAD, Tex. =96=96 John Joe Gray's land is 47 acres fenced with barbed wire off a dusty road in the East Texas woods. Posted by the padlocked gate is a hand-painted sign eight feet wide: "We Are Militia and

Moratorium on Pab Sungeni
it of Oz This is so well said. There are folks who 'live the way of "Jesus" so to speak without paying homage TO "Jesus" whereas there are people who DO pay homage and do everything BUT live the way of Jesus. Go figure. With a Kirby vacuume cleaner. Cindy SLMR 2.1a If it isn't there and you can see it, it's VIRTUAL!

And some say that Negroids are civilized and intelligent....
Forwarded (from: ANTHROPOLOGY) by Stephen Hayes using timEd/2 1.10.y2k. Originally from Eriavierta (8:8/2002) to All. Original dated: Sat Sep 02, 23:08 This is the kind of post I have come to regard as typical of those who use -oid words to describe human beings. From: Eriavierta <xxx@yahoo.comi> Here is what its like living in a Negroid "civilization": Of course the real cause of Negroid brutality is the racist legacy of whites, yea right.

Faith in science?
of Not necessarily. Some are, but no, Catholicism in itself is not a Christian institution. What you mentioned was not according to the "Christian religion," but was according to "catholicism." Even if you think it is part of Christianity, it would only be one small part, and would not represent Christianity as a whole. THat is one of the differences.. One may be born a Catholic, but you cannot be born a Christian. It is about choice. If people do

Various RCC silliness
That we refuse obedience to an -ALLEGED- being (repeat: ALLEGED being) whose own -claimed- morals make those of Vlad the Impaler seem downright enlightened?? Yeah, that's a moral problem, all right. YOUR moral problem, not ours. Whether you like it or not, Bob, our questions are HONEST ones and deserve honest answers. Like this HONEST question: "Got any real, faith-independent EVIDENCE for the existence of your God?? Any at all??" And, unless and until it exists for me, it doesn't

Faith in science?
English Translation: "I won't answer your honest questions, as I know already that it's you, not me, who has the facts on his side." English Translation: "I was asked for real evidence in those other echos, too." No, Bob. They exist for HONEST discussions. And when religious cults like the Roman Catholic Church become involved, the discussions often become quite unfriendly because honest, logical questions go continuously UNanswered when posed to beLIEvers like yourself. The term is spelled "ATHEISTS",

BE: -I've submitted materials from Collier's Encyclopedia 1989 which -say that plague has no cure; there is no reason to believe that -Pasteur's treatment for anthrax was fraudulent; therefore Plague -and Anthrax cannot be the same. -My first explicit acknowledgement was a short note to Judith of -August 28th in which the following exchange occurred: The posting was to Mimi Milstein on August 30th. Here is the key passage: Xate: 08-30-00 (02:06) To: Mimi Milstein From: BOB EYER Subj:

Faith in science?
wrote. From what he's saying, I don't think Fury has read it the first time. Maybe the synopsis of the Cliff's Notes, but not the book.

Day's tally
My goodness but it's been quiet around here. Monday, September 4, 2000 Questions asked today by Toddie: 0 Questions asked this week by Toddie: 0 Questions answered today by Toddie: 0 Questions answered this week by Toddie: 0 Total idiocies for the week by Toddie: 0 __

There you go again
Well go back to my reply to Todd Henson of August 30th. Here's the msg in which Kimes found the line at the top above, about which he is currently making a big stink in Henson's favour: Xate: 08-30-00 (21:11) To: TODD HENSON From: BOB EYER Subj: Catholic poop BG: BE: -But whether they do worship themselves or not, what difference -does it make? -Nonsense. If everyone is a god, no one kisses up to anyone. TH: BE: -Not

Re: There you go again
Well then, you agree. Bob

English Food
Dave Hamilton to God Dan, 9-04-00: BE: -No one disputes the facts. The dispute is about the significance of -the facts. What do the facts show? Do they show that, over Incorrect. You're missing the same point God Dan missed. This is a point about TIME ORDER. If crises get worse (become more destructive) as time goes forward, then, clearly, things are retrogressing. But if crises get better (become less destructive) as time goes forward, then things are progressing.

"Bringing Back the Tiger"
up it. bad spot day then. Cindy SLMR 2.1a If it's so great, why's it compared to the LEADING brand?

In WHO we trust?
not i contro every y sharp Sigh. Either get the cat declawed, keep it outside, or in a room where there's only OLD furniture OR... hehe... put catnip on that gizmo perhaps so the cat will be attracted to it. There MIGHT be a way to keep the cat off the couch. hmm. Maybe Ross can help. Have you tried the squrit gun technique? Make it a water pistol. up. Yeah Dogs are usually pretty good about leaving

give u Well put Martin. There's a price for everything. A lot of people don't realize that the more technodependant we become the less INDEPENDANT we become. Look at people who avoid fiber and green veggies.. and eat lots of fats and carbs.. they end up constiapted and have to take lots of laxatives etc blah blah which taken TOO often can mess up the natural balance o things... and then have avoid bran/fiber/citrus because they cah't digest it anymore