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Re: Health threat
Simple rancid butter? Sure, I'll give 'er a try. edweird

Re: (fwd) Stop sign
It's just occurred to me that things famously Straussian seem to have a recurrent azure theme i.e., blue jeans and The Blue Danube. There's a work of wry art in this somewhere. edweird

Re: Adios Fury
If I ever fall off the wagon, I'm going to make the event commemorate both of you old grouches. Scotch *and* Bourbon. And then, to commemorate myself... Everclear. edweird

Sexual Orientation
Consider: 1) It *is* health-related. It is a medically recognized, and curable, dysfunction. 2) Generally, anything that helps break with the old life and give a fresh start in a new and better life improves the chances for rehabilitation. 3) There certainly is an administrative problem of where to slot the transexuals--neither men's nor women's prison is appropriate. The operation will solve that difficulty. 4) Transexuals are very likely to be abused by the other prisoners, particularly if they've already

Jesus on the 700 Club
REPLYTO 1:102/125.99 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 148 at salata vsn 0.99.970109 From: Mark Kimes <> Jesus on the 700 Club [Setting: The set of the 700 Club. A large wooden cross dominates the center background, directly behind Pat Robertson's desk. Two comfortable armchairs are on the left side of the desk (audience's view). Robertson is standing before his desk, center stage, rubbing his hands together and smiling.] Robertson: Brothers and Sisters, I am so happy to be able

(fwd) Stop sign
That was 'genes', not 'jeans'! (saved to sewing.pun) Still LOL!

(fwd) Stop sign
Actually, they are force-fed traits.

Biblical contradictions
Your duping again, Fury: I got identical messages with slighly different kludge lines, as noted.

Children's writers
If I Recall Correctly

In Todd We Distrust [1/3]
Er, make that want us to see I don't particularly care what you think of me, either. <Shrug> You do know, of course, that there are others besides "the likes of" me who read this echo. Wouldn't you care that they, at least, see for themselves? And I showed that it was not just my opinion by quoting the posts to you and by you. Moreover, it was I--and not you--who invited others to

Where be ya?
REPLYTO 1:102/125.99 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 148 at salata vsn 0.99.970109 From: Blanche Nonken <> Is anything coming through?

In Todd We Distrust [1/3
And he had the gall to accuse Ross Sauer of being stuck in a loop with "pathetic."

Tunes that make us puke
I was thinking of "Honey."

HOMO-obsessed Tim
You bastard.

Black Athena?
1) It doesn't make any more sense to say that ancient Egypt was "Black" than it does to say that the United States is "Black." Their black population was concentrated in Upper Egypt. 2) Greece was in contact with several other civilizations besides Egypt. The Minoan civilization (Crete) was much more influential on the Mycenaean Greeks than Egypt. A comparison of religion, alphabet, social structure, etc. shows radical differences between Greece and Egypt.

Sexual Orientation
That "argument" was settled a long, long time ago--evolution did indeed occur. Facts. This was a British humor schtick long before them. As entertainers, you mean? For one thing, it's an easy way to get laughs. So did the Babylonians, Turkish women had harem pants, etc., etc. I don't know of any culture where women wore codpieces, however. Eh? Sexual preference and sexual orientation are pretty synonymous terms. Some confusion would be a natural reaction, particularly if you've never knowingly

"Free will is total b
I was more reminded of a parrot--hence my nickname for him, "Lauriekeet."

Adios Fury
I bought the bottle only for the label, I swear.

In Todd We Distrust [1/3]
And turning into a textbook example of projection. Too bad. That fruitcake was a welcome change of pace from the usual Protestant fundy.

Toddy's self-derisive laughter
Quelle surprise.