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In WHO we trust?
Or maybe going back to another historical memento, of the first century of this country, in which there was no such motto on the currency.

Ross the bigot
just And just what was the recommendation of the Torah (and the rest of the OT) about what to do with non-Jews, hmmmmmm?? You quite evidently don't seem to mind being an idiot.

Somebody for sure was trolling. Sudan (the country immediately to the south) I was aware of, and it is quite plausible that this old practice would not respect modern boundaries. But Egypt itself, certainly that part where nearly all of the population lives, I was questioning. I hope it didn't take the place of the "gullible" entry. P.S. If you're the Mark Kimes that wrote the FM/2 program, there's a recent post over in TEAM OS/2 of interest to you.

Not a Beetle. not a Love Bug. it's a Pill Bug!

More hope in Texas?
You, of course. I They're obviously dupes of the Great Conspiracy, eh? "I don't hate you--but if you keep on being yourself, our Great and Fearless Leader in the Sky will out of sheer love torture you eternally." Yeah, sure. You'll just love present-day Afghanistan. Great! Join us in excoriating them. Then you'll agree that "In Allah We Trust" should be taken off our coins?

Adios Fury
I certainly am not, as I've seen others weigh in on this. (Again, please notice that I spoke of free-ranging chickens as opposed to those confined in factory farms.)

Brain Work 1/2
Quite true. But keep in mind that in a field of knowledge, as opposed to a field of opinion, authorities do carry weight. Indeed, there has to be a strong (though not absolute) assumption of correctness. Even in the case of a field of opinion, informed opinion will count for more. You presume that that the emotional tone of a response correlates with knowledge of a field. There is no reason why that should be the case as far as

Brain Work 2/2
And this echo is a time and place. Wit is better than simple flaming. Something that the fundies who wander in here don't realize is that they are usually far from the first to introduce that topic (sorta like street evangelists tend to assume you've never, ever, heard of Christianity in your life). There is a FAQ of sorts for this echo on a web site or two, but I don't recall the URLS. It's somewhat outdated, at least as

Creation by Genetics
Not really. It is a metaphor, trying to make evolution more understandable. If Dawkin's hypothesis is correct, that genes exhibiting what we would call "selfish" behavior have a greater survival rate than those who do not operate that way, then no sentience whatsoever is required for that process to take place (i.e., for genes the behavior of which is less selfish to tend to become extinct). It seems to me that he is very clear at pointing out that behavioral

Black Athena?
It doesn't get much play anywhere among people who think and read. It is very popular, though, among people who believe and hear. (

They didn't want a john with good taste--they wanted one who tastes good. (

The Great Jelly
George? He's humping at it. (

Biblical contradictions
Very well, Todd. I just posted a message which explained the so-called "context" of the passage where Jesus stated he had not come to bring peace, but a sword. The context of that message REINFORCES the meaning as understood by Ross, even going into exact predictions as to which relatives would oppose which other relatives in a single family. Likewise, the other passages Ross invoked are STANDALONE passages, correctly understood OUTSIDE of any context, and REINFORCED in that same said

St. Helens
Getting my MS-DOS world setup Y2K Compatible after a major move and a konk-out of another box and hard disk drive. I've learned: I've acquired a CD-RW writer drive for critical things like my software archives. Ever try to obtain a current FidoNet Nodelist when you aren't in Fido?? Why?? slack s.

Radioactive bugs
YEEEEEOOOWWCH!!! Athlete's foot!! EEEEUUUWWWWWW!!!! slack s.

Adios Fury
Not yet. We're some time away from him actually joining up again.

Praised be...

It is well controlled by over use of ventolin and daily doses of Accolate. I have had several ambulance trips to the hospital, and they were very scary, but I have not had such an episofe in a few years now. My doctor is concerned because I do not breath any where near the capacity a man my size and age should breath. He is concerned I may have emphyzema <sp?>. I am convinced I would have far less trouble

Biblical contradictions
Well, there is your usual evasion. May we expect the usual lie under separate cover? Ah, here is the lie. And here another. And a third--you have never used anything else here, so it is probably sheer vanity for you to hope your word will be taken on the character of anyone else at this late date. And a forth, for the display bit. So far as the speaking is concerned, he was, after all, speaking to you. Well, there

What's in a name
And that ain't a banana in his pocket. (