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Re: (fwd) Stop sign
Yeah, religious people are so loving and unbiased that they've invented places of eternal torture for those who don't believe as they do. I just can't think of anything more compassionate for the misguided heretic than eternal torture. Can you? edweird

I vaguely recall it. He was more fun than a monkey with a machine gun. I miss him. edweird

Re: COlor me Purple
Well, I *was* probably being excessively charitable with the 25K mile estimate... edweird

Re: Cultism in Kansas
it FAQ. Here, take off your clothes. Very good. Now relax. (edweird picks Blanche up in a baby-carry, blows a big fart-kiss in her navel, and tosses her headlong into the FAQ.) No thanks needed. edweird

Re: Faith in science?
Altogether too kind. However, the quality of which you speak is not based on any virtue. I'm just doing the only thing I have the capacity to be inimitable at. Well, there is this other thing, but cat lovers might misinterpret the phraseology used to describe it... edweird

The Great Jelly 1/2

Not I. At least I don't think so... I remember someone talking about Pantera and a car.

Pot & the Bible
Or ergot-infested rye, one....... slack s.

Veal disinformation
Who the calf's mummy was has nothing to do with its age at death. As it happens, the biggest surplus of cattle cadavers under the age of 1 _do_ happen to be the male offspring of milk cows, engendered to get a fresh round of milk from the cow but otherwise useless to the dairy farmer. The female calves (the other 50%) do not become veal, but milk cows in their turn. True, but unless the farmer is breeding his

I vaguely recall that one of the Shrub's siblings had a big oil contract in the Gulf region right around the time of Desert Storm. Speaking of the Bush clan, another one of the siblings had caused the big Silverado S&L failure in Denver by ramming through a huge loan to one of his cronies, while failing to disclose to the rest of the board that he himself would benefit financially from that loan. I personally would just view this

Grass is green. My mother's carpet is green. Is my mother's carpet a plant?

It would seem that the bishop of his diocese thought that Hitler was a Christian. AKA the Curia.

Mute, Inglorious Henson
I left all the above intact on the very low chance that he would indeed answer those three questions I posed to him. All he would have to do to make us look silly is to give a simple and direct answer to them. That would be the day that helium crystallizes in Hell, of course. We're talking about a religion that tries to evade the fact of death and expiate guilty via a childish fantasy. Cowardice goes with the

Guzzling ...
Pity. I just heard a news item of a study showing that steroid treatments for asthma cut down on the death rate. Your specialist probably will have more details on this. There is more to life than medicine. Quality and quantity, and all that. He's written the occasional gem, but it seems that most of his work was run-of-the-mill space opera. 80 Unquestionably. Exercises to build up abdominal muscles should help as well. (Mind you, that's good advice I need

Faith in science?
Oh, bullshit. Folks like you are making the extraordinary "positive" claims-- it's up to *you* to support them. Revelations while respiring petroleum products do not qualify as evidence, for obvious reasons. Gee, how is it that you've seen the messages from Todd in which he answers questions while no one else in FIDO sees them?

But the smart money is on that he's a nose tick.

Adios Fury
Well, at any rate, it was a good excuse to gobble down the bottle.

Confederate lies
The "way of life" is it exactly. In the last two decades before the Civil War, the South pegged its entire sense of identity on the "peculiar institution."

Missing Jesuses
Shame on us all, for actually supposing that he might go through all the pain of a sincere and honest reply.

The Great Jelly
Peasants that thought God would intervene to protect them against cannon. Napoleon was right about which side God would be on. (He said it would be the side with the most artillery.) the The supposed "Donation of Constantine" went exactly the other way. Not a claim made by the Christian emperors. (AAMOF, it wasn't even a claim made by nearly all of the earlier pagan emperors.) Not what the word means. But then we've seen your expertise on words lately