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CatAps on the Net
That's in there, yes.

Faith in science?
The likes of Pius IX and Pius X did not help that in any way. Sean McCullough and I can ask him some tough questions. "Bob" might be able to recite the rosary better than we can, but he may be under the mistaken notion that folks haven't read anything about some of the skeletons in the closet at Chez Roman Catholic.

HOMO Scouts
And I see you've been corrected. Are you going to fall back to the "How should I have known about these American things, as I'm just an ignorant Canadian?" escape hatch?

Atheist church meetings
Oh, I'm so empty! <rending garments> He's just a troll at this point. Let's hope he doesn't hit the JBS point with his nonsense.

I'm glad to know there's someone with ESP here who can take that decision for the rest of us.

Another song for you
You'll certainly lose some points and be suspended for the next three Satanic rituals.

HOMO Scouts
that "good Didn't have to be challenged. So many men were de facto leaders in troops headed by their wives that National decided they should be permitted to register, take training and be covered by GS insurance on outings. That was in 1970. In 72 or 73 it was expanded to all males over the age of 18, not just spouses of female leaders. No fight, no foul. Girl Scouts recognized that girls need male influence in their lives, too.

Bears v Humans
No, like the idiot you are, you were trying to muddy the waters, hoping that no one would see that you haven't a clue what you are talking matter the length. As for bears not being able to manipulate tools/weapons, I think you better think again. Maybe get some information on what animals can and DO do. (Try the park rangers for info on bear ability to thwart all precautions to keep them out of human supplies) And THEN

HOMO Scouts
I appreciate the enlightenment. I hear the helium coming out of George's balloon, but I expect he'll try to change the subject and argue about something else.

HOMO Scouts
should He can't even do that as the US was the last member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to accept males as leaders.

day's tally
Toddie's been very slow today. Thursday, August 31, 2000 Total questions asked today: 4 for the week: 58 Total questions answered today: 0 for the week: 0 Total idiocies for the day: 0 (for a change)

Delusional Bob
BE: -Oh, by the time they're ready to colonise the universe they'll be -like us--believers in democracy and equality. They won't be -running anymore roughshod over other intelligent beings than we -will. Not familiar. What was the reasoning? -No, it's more like saying that any global civilisation which has -advanced to the stage of travelling to meet civilisations of other -star systems must have passed through its most self-destructive -period and solved the problems of self-destruction. Travelling to Maybe, maybe

BE: -I think we're beyond that point now; I've already conceded the -matter several times: Plague and anthrax are different diseases. Well maybe some of it crossed the mails, some by implication. I've submitted materials from Collier's Encyclopedia 1989 which say that plague has no cure; there is no reason to believe that Pasteur's treatment for anthrax was fraudulent; therefore Plague and Anthrax cannot be the same. My first explicit acknowledgement was a short note to Judith of August 28th

Lots of bad singing, but no real concert going on.

Bears v Humans
BE: -That remark of yours, "not when both are equally armed", was the -key to your whole message. I merely drew out the detail of such -an hypothesis. Give the bear and the human each his own stun gun, -etc. Point of privilege. That's not quite the issue, in context. The context was a fight between a human and a bear, where "both are equally armed". Here, what is at stake is not merely the ability to manipulate weapons

"Divine Rule" for Temple Mount
Hi All... Despite the scoffing of some in here, support for "divine sovereignty" over the Temple Mount area appears to be increasing, hastening the day when a false messiah will sit in the Temple, faking away like mad, claiming to be God, and demanding to be worshipped as such. Olmert backs 'divine rule' for Temple Mount By Etgar Lefkovits, Herb Keinon, and Lamia Lahoud JERUSALEM (August 31) In a surprise announcement, Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert said yesterday he