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In WHO we trust?
Why is it that you gits always think "God" whenever someone mentions religious expression? What about Allah? Odin? Zeus? Krisha? Where are their coins? Isn't using just "God" curtailing the religious expression of people of other faiths? Or does that not matter in the least to you little fascist lapdogs? As long as your religious expression isn't curtailed, then the hell with everyone else, right? I find it odd that you reappeared here soon after gas prices underwent that surge.

Creation by Genetics
I think Dawkins himself would take issue with your mischaracterization of his work.

Guzzling ...
Um, this seems like a rather simplistic question to ask. There are a lot of things out there that are asthma triggers. Sue

Faith in science?
I hate to argue with taglines, but that is a bit hard to read. It would be a bit clearer if you trimmed a bit more: Sue

Re: HOMO-obsessed Tim
I took a closer look, when I had time, and realized I'd been had. By the very thing I profess immunity to. The shame of it. edweird

Re: HOMO-obsessed Tim
Not that I know of. But that just means I missed it, too. edweird

Fear and self-loathing in
Jelly reminds me quite a bit of Arnold Rimmer, from Red Dwarf. He's not fazed by anything, and just continues to parrot his bullshit.

You lying fuckwit
Would your X approve of your cowardice? Michael R. Gothreau Pastor Church of The Telecaster *Durango b300 #PE* "Fear is only another form of awareness..." Charles Manson

Tim Richardson
be such a manner? feels But, Todd, you Xian, you! What about "judge not lest yea be judged"? Monica still has more class than a cowardly liar like you. Facts? The fact is a slut is someone who will have sex with many for the sheer pleasure of it. Fact is, Monica is just a bedazzled moron kid who didn't know better than to say know. If she'd been a slut, she would have surely known not to get

Guzzling ...
of We'd adopted a cat about two years earlier. Yes, I am allergic to them, and dogs (and I love both animals). We had a dog too. Now I have a parakeet named Io. Michael R. Gothreau Pastor Church of The Telecaster *Durango b300 #PE* All I ask is to prove that money can't make me happy.

Biblical contradictions
You are a parrot! Squawk some more for us, Toddy. I've got crackers Michael R. Gothreau Pastor Church of The Telecaster *Durango b300 #PE* Hey, Rocky, watch me pull a saviour out of this virgin!

A revelation!
Okay! Outta the closet with ya! Yer a FILM buff, aren't ya? Michael R. Gothreau Pastor Church of The Telecaster *Durango b300 #PE* The eat-popcorn FILM buffs will all go to HELL!!! T. Dickturdson

St. Helens
the Alec I'll for I hope he comes back soon Michael R. Gothreau Pastor Church of The Telecaster *Durango b300 #PE* "Shift Happens" Doppler

Getting "The Boot."
Bwahahahahahah! Michael R. Gothreau Pastor Church of The Telecaster *Durango b300 #PE* The Bureau of Incomplete Statistics reports that one out of three.

In Todd We Distrust [1/3]
Not surprising. I'm really laughing about a recent post of his in POLITICS where he tags someone for being evasive. LOL! He's pathetic. Fair enough. It was pretty civilized back when I was there... Ah, no, I think he's shown himself a couple of times since then. I think he's reading, but has learned not to feed himself his own feet. Me too. Maybe Jason will remember me Oh, that would be very interesting Michael R. Gothreau Pastor

Fear and self-loathin
You're serious? Michael R. Gothreau

The Great Jelly
From George Pope? You deserve whatever you get. Michael R. Gothreau, Ordained ULC Pastor Church of the Telecaster

Re: I need Jitender's hel
It was supposed to make you laugh, not cry. Or perhaps you're referring to the Fabio-drooling housewives who read those books with the telltale embossed covers? I was born woggly. It's really not anything special. edweird

Re: HOMO-obsessed Tim
Here's the log of another delightful conversation with this idiot: Session Start: Fri Jul 28 22:53:02 2000 <edweird> What about? I know a little about <edweird> trucks, electronics and atheism. You? <grlwtruck> about anything. i am not atheist <edweird> I didn't mean to imply that I thought you were <edweird> an atheist. That's what *I* am! <grlwtruck> i know <grlwtruck> i just mean i dont know much about being <grlwtruck> atheist. and i'm christian so <edweird> Oh. I

Re: (fwd) Stop sign
Anyone who uses threats of eternal torture as inducement to indoctrination would seem to be covertly bigotted against the entire human race. I don't understand why it's so hard for some misanthropes to be honest about their loathing for Homo Sap. I find it very easy, myself. Especially when the commonest example, the religious fundy, rears its ugly head. edweird