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Ahhhh, I see, the first book of the bible is a fairy story Regards Jeff

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Another moron
I see you saw that post-fight interview of Mike "I really am a brain-dead criminal" Tyson.

Christianity (true)=not r
And, what else?

Cultism in Kansas
He can't, for the reason you quoted and responded to down below! Morris, et al, is his only source for the bullshit. Morris knows enough to know that various methods of radiometric dating will give different results. And, he knows enough to use them for the wrong objects and confuse his scientifically uneducated readers. Everyone thought Appleton is dead? Georgie is doing his best to resurrect his fetid memory.

Faith in science?
He's into chamgane now?

in We need a crop of non-self-debunking fundys. Georgie is taking all the fun out of this...

It is on you
Just consider it a pearl, and take two.

It is on you
Or maybe zip it up?

It is on you
It's a pity that Tail Gunner Joe didn't truly die in the 50's.

new commercial
a Look, Dave.... Either stop messaging here or get me a new HD. My tagline file is getting to fucking big...

R & B
hear Nope. Derwood was an announcer on a TV show that pre-dates R&B (but not jazz!) Arthur Godfrey, IIRC. It took about 6 years from the time that my kids grew old enough to understand some of the nuances! "Hey, Dad? Why are you rolling on the floor over that line?" to "Damn, that's really funnier than when I saw that as a kid!"

SC in the news (?)
Damn, this was a prolific night in stealing taglines... 393 393 393 393 393 <VBG>

Sports fans
Did you hear that the Italian Navy commissioned the inclusion of glass bottoms in all of their new naval ships? It was so that the New Italian Navy could occasionally get a glimse of the Old Italian Navy....

I know I didn't read that book, but I do think I know what happens!

Earl's world of Nil
You've got a complaint? Take it to Portnoy.

Another moron
used to In Britain political parties can advertise on TV, but not candidates. Maybe that would work here. It would sure cut down on the obscene amounts of money being thrown around. And the "If you don't vote for candiate A or B, you're throwing away your vote" myth. Jesse Ventura proved that to be bullshit. (snore) Just sounds boring to me. of Books? What're those? (G)

someone in the Hard to say for sure. But the library is mainly concerned with images, not text.

into Most of the time, bring in *The Borg*, and it's a good episode. series to tell The "Captain Sulu" rumors are just that, rumors. According to some info Mimi sent me, the new series, (fall 2001) will be completely new. Maybe a cadet ship? English It's about as funny as "The Conqueror" with John Wayne.

show the convey in the Agree with you, to a point. Between the Daleks and The Master, they'd give Stephen King the willies! (G) had a Death." Dang it. Hmmmm........ Ok, which star of "I, Claudius" and "Flash Gordon" (1980) was in a Who episode?