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Echo Guidelines
Re: HOLYSMOKE Echo Guidelines Basic Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this echo are those of the writers identified in the header of each message. No other responsibility is expressed or implied for the content of the messages in this echo. Rules to Follow: [1] Please refrain from attempting to force your ideas on others, or to be deliberately disruptive in the echo. Those who engage in such activity may find their feed to this echo terminated. [2] As is

Robert Weiland?
In a couple echoes there's a guy named Robert Weiland, who pops up now and then. He sometimes goes by the handle, "Minuteman." He was kicked out of the FIDO_UFO echo because of his vicious anti-semitism. Has he ever been here in this echo? If so, how big was the new asshole you guys ripped for him? (G). Because he's popping up in a couple echoes on Fido lately..

occult, fundies, blah bla
Nice way to put it...... But what I don't really like is the connotation of "cult" being used, especially in this echo. Most of the time, particularly in the media, "cult" is used for negative reporting of a religious group. Most recently and notoriously the group in Uganda that committed mass murder/suicide. I've been to my Mom's church (UCC) and they are as far removed from that Ugandan group, the Moonies or Southern Baptists as a church can be. My

This echo
Maybe, but it just makes the other guy and some of the observers angry. Can you try it the hard way then? (G) wrong Perhaps Tim is. But just baiting him is not going to get a reasoned response. Remember the old saying? "You can catch a lot more flies with honey then with vinegar." Sometimes though it just becomes "(bleep) you!" "(bleep) you too!" ad nauseated. Like I said to someone else, who would WANT to f*** them, besides

Actually, I enjoyed his "VSM." A friend of mine is selling her collection of "Captain and Tennille" records. You interested? (BG)

I was actually amazed at how many copies of the virus I received at work... they were still coming occassionally as late as last week. The VA also issued a statement that the ILOVEYOU virus might have mutated to be a start-on-preview virus, but I suspect that the people they heard that from didn't want to own up to the fact they opened the attachment after all the warning. Sue

Another bad analogy -- fundies are full of 'em
Strange... you answer but Todd hasn't... Why is that, Todd Henson?

Good thing, as you have my back-up copy! Works about the same in my OLR. I save the original message as it strips the spaces in direct response. Hope you got your copy of that Pink Piece of Pustulance for Posterity...

See Net mail... BTW, do you know the group that was first offered the chance to sing that song? And, why they turned it down?

Was that before or after ST-TOG came out? In any event, it was fun watching the rabbits attack the Lionell trains!

I thought the _The Stone Ponies_ did that song long before that..

Barry Manilow?????? Best excuse in the world for keeping barf bags handy

He's much like the fundies that come through here who, when you read them a passage of the bible, will tell you 'it may say that, but that isn't what it MEANS'.

Lying jerks
Well, hell. I guess this makes up for not being on the original list of people banned in Kochman's echo before he ever got it up and running

why Nope, you got me.

martial arts & eastern religions
who the Actually, I sorta had both running in my head. Ah, yes, I've seen a number of episodes during alternating fits of boredom and curiosity. The new series is absolutely cheesy. David Carradine couldn't throw a decent kick 30 years ago, and he STILL can't. You'd think that a man who spent so much time playing a martial artist would actually take the time and learn how to do even a half-decent technique eventually. In my book, he is

Weird Al
I can't remember which song it is that he redid, but it looked like an oldie, and one of the lyrics was "I'd rather dive into a pool filled with double edged razor blades, than to spend one more minute with you". It had me rolling. "I'd rather rip my intestines out with a fork." HA!

Are you "Mr. Worrell?" If not, maybe you could turn your question on yourself. Gee, when somebody responds to a message posted in a public forum, does it really have to be "their business" before they have the right to comment? 'Cause, if not, then your question is irrelevant. But, if so, then "what business" of yours is it what I say to him? (Unless you are playing moderator.

Karl's trademark
A disability? What in the world does that have to do with him wanting to substitute a dog for a girlfriend? Well, he did make the claim recently that he had been "raped by Proxy." Is that your nickname? Is "Proxy" the name of the dog? The girlfriend? I'm just trying to understand his ramblings. Wow! A college kid! Real impressive. Ask one of your profs whether people don't sometimes study Psychology in an effort to help themselves through their

The "HOMO" Agenda
A HOMOlogous thing is happening in language, where the HOMOphones (horrid abomination!) are making steady progress at making us all sound alike. It's their twisted HOMOphone-agenda I tell ya'. /%/)+Eddy