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you It was twit time since you made your first post. You've ignored all evidence that has bee provided to you. Now, scream, "Is NOT!" and claim "victory". That you haven't earned it won't stop the likes of you.

Re: Silly ass ...
REPLYTO 1:102/125.99 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 148 at salata vsn 0.99.970109 From: Blanche Nonken <> X-Ftn-To: ED MILLS This is reminding me of some of the corporate humor that came out of Ford (the defence contract division, along side of which my cousin worked). Did anyone ever see "DIVAD Ford Has A Better Idea!"? That was a hoot. But I think the best was the "press release" about the General Sherman tank that crashed on takeoff.

Todd's hatred & bigotry.
I never said that every single exact word in the Torah was the writings of Moses, so get a grip. The death verses are such a small and minor issue that it doesn't bear mention everytime someone talks about the authorship of the Torah. You're trying too hard. It's getting a little silly. Blindly cutting and pasting material from someone else doesn't show that you have knowledge. You need to go back to school if you think that "a scholar

Re: athiests=excrement!!!
are I know, I forgot. the Wayne has become twit-fodder, at least for the most part. I'm tired of wasting my time with pulling his strings and making his post message after message of mindless drivel. If he can't see that by now, he never will. you live? depressed blaming alive at that to It does seem to indicate mental instability, doesn't it? He tried to. Poor fella, he just can't win!

It's one of Pantera's CD's, I believe.

Toddy outclassed
make he needs So, whenever we choose to eat some greasy, unhealthy food, God snaps His fingers and replaces it with an apple? Or, God enacts some mind-control where our choices are taken away? the

You can't answer because you cannot honestly deal with the implications. Thank you. Enuff time wasted, I suppose.

Re: Question for Steve Q.
REPLYTO 1:102/125.99 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 148 at salata vsn 0.99.970109 From: Blanche Nonken <> X-Ftn-To: Steve Quarrella Thanks. Tomato Trivia, throw that in when I do my thing at Smith Hawkins in a couple of weeks. Not that I'm terrified nah. I have a real love-hate relationship with public speaking. I love the way I can control a crowd, but hate the stage fright I feel just before I start to talk. Well, nobody's died

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REPLYTO 1:102/125.99 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 148 at salata vsn 0.99.970109 From: Blanche Nonken <> On Mon, 1 May 2000 09:33:26 -0400 wrote: is to which a the be

Re: thiests=baffoons
Exactly on the mark regarding my post from Planned Parenthood, you couldn't answer because you could not honestly deal with the implications, thank you for confirming what we already knew.

Re: athiests=excrement!!!
of Yup, that nasty old post from Planned Parenthood verbatum with with doctors credentials and the prestigious medical institutions must have done it, you know the one with the facts to back up my claims. That would also be the same post that would make for an interesting legal response from Planned Parenthood as this document was created expressly to deal with the lies perpetrated by fundies, you know the copyrighted one you butchered for context and content. Oh, haven't

Re: Toddy outclassed
Not much at all. Did you notice how Todd resorted to massive editing, removing the URL and copyright notice from the abortion faq I posted by Planned Parenthood. Todd when confronted with facts by OB/GYN doctors associated with some of the very finest of U.S. medical institutions first attempted to edit that copyright document for context and content, ran away, came back, proclaimed me unstable and declaired himself the victor. I think I'll repost Todds edited copy of lies with

Re: athiests=excrement!!!
I guess because you people agree that a fetus isn't a baby until the cord is cut, that the doctors should have killed you before they cut your cord, that way a baby wouldn't have been brought into the world with such horrible problems? Interesting how that ignoring an irrelevant piece of rant is equated to "editing". Look liar, failure to reply to a post in it's entirety does not mean editing, bubt I notice that you obsessively whine about

"How do you feel about the black helicopters hovering over your house?" I ask. "There are no black helicopters over my house," you reply. I insist you answer the pointless question about your feelings about a non-existent threat and ignore anything else you say. That is precisely what the way you are behaving. It doesn't matter a damn how I feel about something that does not exist. You have been lied to. Find out the truth for yourself. Refusing to

You know, you're still doing it, putting words into my mouth, I never said this. You did make me do some research that got me some facts which actually -lessened- my opposition to abortion up to the middle of the second trimester. I based my revised views on the information presented at the end of this post, please note that I reinsert the URL you edited out as well as the doctors credentials and the hospitals they are associated with.

Thank you for dodging the question of whether it is immoral to terminate a fetus in the 9th month. Apparently, hypothetical questions are beyond your comprehension ability. You've learned the Chirnside cha cha.

the cut You know, I still have the ability to cause you to waste time posting such lengthy posts. to I wasn't presenting as my own view. I was disagreeing with 2 of their claims. Get a grip, cha-cha boy. Cry some more.

Re: thiests=baffoons
I learned quite a bit I didn't know about abortion and fetal development at the Planned Parenthood web site and the credentials of those associated with the document and the medical institutions they are affiliated with are exemplary. As I probably shall as well. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to forward his butchered reply to the unaltered text I posted to Planned Parenthood. As Planned Parenthood commissioned this document to address lies regarding the religious right I'm rather

abortion facts URL
the cut Ah, don't worry about it, the credits exist as D:\credit.txt, copyright as d:\copyr.txt so all I did was reply, save the reply to d:\u.txt type credit.txt d:\u.txt, type copyr.txt u.txt and upload to holysmoke as a text file. You still have the ability to cause me to waste about four minutes All this still Doesn't ANSWER THE QUESTIONS regarding the appearent disparity with your posts on abortions and those with credentials to back them up.

I read an anecdote t'other day regarding the eminent Victorian art critic/theorist, John Ruskin. According to report, he was astonished and distressed to find, on his wedding night, that women had pubic hair. He apparently did not get out much as an undergrad (