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John McCain
I will never have a choice between those two. NWO or NWO... What a choice. If I am right about who the third party candidates will be, I most likely will vote for Harry Browne, who is definitely not a fundy. Charles Collins, currently of the Reform Party also looks good if he runs after losing the Reform Party nomination, but it remains to be seen if he will stay with the election, as he did last time.

Another bad analogy -- fundies are full of 'em
According to your mythos, he didn't die at all. Now, which is it?

John McCain
Perot never had the charisma that it takes, imo. He also is too obviously irrational. However, he would have likely done far better, if he had been more serious about it, when he first ran. And you probably think it was about slavery yet... It would, somewhat, but I have heard the allegations before. There is no evidence to them. (Much like with King James.) Buchanan was often called the "do nothing" president. This was because he would not

Case closed! One can believe in the Tooth Fairy, too. Imagination does not make something real. No one here does. Don Maring is more than willing to believe in a god whenever the evidence to support it is presented. It's just as easy to assume it's false. Far easier, in fact. Evidence supports a claim. It seems like the evidence to support supernatural beings has been lacking for some time now. You'd think that with all the advances in technology,

Born again
Much of both the OT and NT are filled with tidbits like that. To make matters worse, little of "what Jesus said" can be attributed to just what Jesus said. Even much of what he supposdly said directly is disputed by many biblical scholars.

Chain letter
Hang around a bit. Lurk if you must. But, do take the time to at least stop in occasionally. You may find that I added you name as part of my taglines files...

of fai And Joseph Smith received the Word of God and you ingore it it. Why is that?

Put it this way: It was like watching one of the _Godzilla meets <insert monster here>_ movies.

make How about you develop a personality and get a sense of humor in the bargain?


Ed Mills, take note!
Way too kool! 45.7F Guinnes on tap

Hatred and bigotry won th
Then stop mouthing off like you do. You should me far more concerned with the sexual misconduct of preachers. That's right, Todd. And the facts that support my statement were long ago pointed out in this Echo. Now, do the "good xian" dance and ignore them, as you have to.

Who dragged you into the echo? Hec, you don't even know what you're dribbling about. Cheers George email:

america's cup
Why use a generalisation if you're talking about moral authority? They are encouraged to use their intelligence in education (I don't mean the moral kind) just like anyone else. Cheers George email:

The Exorcist
I I don't know who played that role in the play I saw, but I think that I heard her do the "scratched vinyl" live! And, yes she played a very good role as scripted for the part. I saw her smile as the audience first winced and laughed at her "singing". Based on comments after the show, she nearly upstaged Bikel with her role. The play I saw was very basic. It was done "in the round". To make

Fundies as Smart as Bacte
He obviously feels he doesn't need to be part of the fundy- challenged atheist movement here. That's worse than being a fundamentalist christian. Cheers George email:

The Exorcist
See my reply top Blanch on that. And, I agree with you! _Funny Lady_ was not too good, for sure. So, just what was wrong with _Yentle_? I think that was her best performance.

The Family
Ah, yes! I remember it well... There I was, driving my car around this hotel in China. I think the name of the town it was was Yoohoo..

Re: Another Kenny moment
Yes, and we were all mightily disappointed because you were supposed to explain light cones.