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It has been a warm winter... the crickets seem to be out early. Sue

Where is Kemp?
Gone for a Tosca? Cheers, Steve..

Appleton's "truth"!
See! I've been told I'm psychic. This confirms that. Now to open that 900 hotline and rack in the big suckers...

Dragons exist? NAH!
Ok... From what I've seen lately, they alibi along the lines of "for entertainment purposes only".

female homosexuality
Is there anything not normal to you?

I requested that some time ago. Is it up and really running?

Where is Kemp?
What's a Tosca?

Not the half of it. One of the staples of lab equipment is a little rubber bulb that we use to attach to glass pipettes. You squeeze and draw the liquid up. for many years the shape and size of these things has lent the moniker "rabbit rubber" to them. they didn't kow how right they were. We knocked the bucks out and attached the rabbit rubbers. it took several tries to get a system that worked. However, I was

Young Frankenstein? Haven't looked at it for a while. I hate stories about gargoyles.

Rod Swift
Not only that...but two hundred times a day.

Reality has always been a joke. It's just a matter of how black your sense of humor is.

REPLYTO 1:102/125.99 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 148 at salata vsn 0.99.970109 From: Blanche Nonken <> X-Ftn-To: Don Martin Mostly tact, which I literally didn't even know was a word until I was 17. There's no Yiddish word for "tact."

REPLYTO 1:102/125.99 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 148 at salata vsn 0.99.970109 From: Blanche Nonken <> X-Ftn-To: ED MILLS BTW, reports that the Hitachi Magic Wand is no longer available in the US. A marketing decision, I think. Blowfish has an alternate model available, I think.

$500 000 000 000 REWARD
Who the fuck knows? He obviously thought that I would, by way of some mysterious force, see his post to me after I had turned it off.

Those propensities by various cultures to ameliorate situations with the proper response a situation assessed by an Englishman some years ago with respect to American behavior: "You Yanks are boil the tea to make it hot, then put ice in it to make it cold. You put lemon in it to make it sour and sugar to make it sweet...and when someone belches, they say 'pardon me', but if someone farts, everyone larfs."

The same old nonsense prevails on this channel. Boring.

Okay, I wasn't aware of that. I thought that anti matter was still in the realm of science fiction. But even then if the amount of matter both types were large enough wouldn't you get even a tiny pop as they destroyed each other? I hate to see all of a good ridiculous theory go to waste Even if only from the air rushing into the space where the matter, now energy, was?

But did the rabbits enjoy it as much? Or were they happy at being able to get at it more than once and still not have to worry about pups? I must admit though that I feel sorry for who-ever had to fit the condoms. I'll be nice and not ask where the condoms were found though. See you later, Jeff.

If it's your jokes that are turning out to be your reality I'd keep away from the practical kind. Mind you there are times when I have been certain that reality is a joke but then that's just me, I think. See you later, Jeff.