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Re: HOLYSMOKE Echo Guidelines Basic Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this echo are those of the writers identified in the header of each message. No other responsibility is expressed or implied for the content of the messages in this echo. Rules to Follow: [1] Please refrain from attempting to force your ideas on others, or to be deliberately disruptive in the echo. Those who engage in such activity may find their feed to this echo terminated. [2] As is

I FUCK YOU IN THE NAME OF Dr. Suess! Yes, tommy? No! (Kicking Tommy square in the area where his nuts should be...with no effect.) (Pulling out a 9mm and aiming at his large oversized left bitch tit) FUCK YOU, TURD-MUNCHER! (I mutter) (Then, by surprise, I kill his wife and kids instead. Leaving the snivelling bitch in the corner to finish his last turd) CMPQwk 1.42 30583 End of civilization or birth of perfect barbarism?

No need to get testy, Todd. :-P CMPQwk 1.42 30583 End of civilization or birth of perfect barbarism?

We have a radio preseenter who assists people with problems of those sorts. She reckons the best marital aid of the nineties was the nintendo. See you later, Jeff.

Depends on what you cover your mouth with. See you later, Jeff.

public posting of you
You lost me there rogering? Brad

Doing Christmas,
receavi if You don't "do Christmas", so what ARE you doing with the presents and, good will, and occasional special meals? What religion? Most Christians don't observe it as a religious festival anyway! I, as a non-Christmas person myself, have determined that my response to the believing do-gooders who want to convert me is to simply interpret their greetings/etc. at their basic level. ie. instead of getting offended at someone's "Merry Christmas!" I just understand that most are just expressing

In God We Trust
Except the higher advertising prices are generally calculated based on audience, thus the coins should have a higher fee, since they circulate more than do bills, usually. Anyway, to what commercial interest does the slogan apply to as something they'd consider a worthy investment for their advertising expenses? I would suggest that the slogan on coins is a reminder of a historical time/belief, and thus is a part of the history of the USA, much as is the

My message to you
Pope There you are whining about what people(Charles Hunter in particular) are saying about/to you, yet you go posting such a slanderous/libellous tagline, using my name. and we've never even corresponded, to my recollection! Too bad Charles wouldn't be able to sue you based on inadmissable electronic posts. you seem like just the kind of ass who would deserve all that could be done with such a lawsuit! Your friend, (Cyberpope) (AOL Instant Messenger ID=Cyberpope67

Sure. take that shit up with the author not me though. :-P Noone said they did. Anyway, can you even conceive how boring that shit is? More importantly, can you conceive how pompous that shit might look? :-P (especially when you posted such science-ess, yet missed the entire thing? I mean, PLEASE, you thought it said that 95% of the DNA are transponons? Give me a break!) Shit, some people get beat about the head and shoulders for talking about

Their close relatives, Kelpies, are much the same. I have an almond tree, and galah trouble. How do you train Kelpies to climb almond trees? It can sometimes catch and eat doves, but only on the ground. Cheers, Glen

My message to you
And that was my point. YOU are somebody. :-P Hey, I need not do so. I KNOW that certain people already do. I DID say "is their savior". Huh? I said that if one believes that Jesus is the Messiah and if they believe that he is their savior then they are a Christian. And that's the definition. Hey, IT IS! It doesn't matter if the religion isn't open. Actually, your stating that they AREN'T shows YOUR judgement as flawed.

at Every single one of you. a Tom, Hahahahahahahah! Tom's doing a great job of making Christianity look exactly like it is But, you are only better than Tom in one way. You can spell. You also make a fool of your Jesus, and of Christianity. You show why it is a machine of man and not of a god. You wallow in superstition like one who is afraid to open your eyes. were Sounds to me like you

Who You?
It is exceedingly cruel of you to ask the coward to adhere to such a rigid requirement considering his particular mind set. "Original would never be used to describe him. Excellent! Michael R. Gothreau, Pastor Church of The Telecaster *Durango b211 DurangoMail for Windows NT/9x

I DID notice that he was more a snorter than a "hubba head". I preferred rock myself. Between the eyes, preferably. Ahhh. Can't slight him thar. I'm M/D. Good for creativity. Well, you can link with Codename Orion then (the boy named sue). :-P CMPQwk 1.42 30583 End of civilization or birth of perfect barbarism?

Actually, I'd like a little of what he's having. :-P I think I could handle it better. CMPQwk 1.42 30583 End of civilization or birth of perfect barbarism?

This is a Text Message
History--especially in high school--suffers from abysmally bed texts, worse than in most other subjects. The interesting stuff is precisely that which is most likely to offend some group's hyper-sensibilities, and so is excised if at all possible, or if impossible, blanded down. Also, when such a huge amount of material has to be covered in a survey course, the colorful specifics that make it so much fun to read get crowded out.

exactly it is a That seems kinda forced. You know, when someone is obsessed with something. The hollowness of your arguments show through. I wasn't talking to you at the time, but you sure seem to feel the need to jump. Of course, this being FIDO, we comment on other posts all the time, that's not the problem. The revealing issue is WHY you choose to butt in on this particular issue, giving shallow insults that you know darn well

Re: Fuck you!
He "implies" it, but when asked directly he says it's none of our concern. I don't WHAT he is. Oh, a little low quality gristle every now and then might be fun

They weren't "pulled" out of him he actually bragged about his drug use, drinking, porno viewing, sexploits, etc. etc. All the while exhibiting the most blantant Chrisitan hypocrisy I've ever witnessed. Nereid The native OS/2 message editor.