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Re: HOLYSMOKE Echo Guidelines Basic Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this echo are those of the writers identified in the header of each message. No other responsibility is expressed or implied for the content of the messages in this echo. Rules to Follow: [1] Please refrain from attempting to force your ideas on others, or to be deliberately disruptive in the echo. Those who engage in such activity may find their feed to this echo terminated. [2] As is

Short MidEast History
Crash Course in Middle East History Nationhood and Jerusalem *Israel became a nation in 1312 BCE., two thousand years before the rise of Islam. Arab refugees in Israel began identifying themselves as part of a Palestinian people in 1967, two decades after the establishment of the modern State of Israel. *Since the Jewish conquest in 1272 BCE. the Jews have had dominion over the land for one thousand years with a continuous presence in the land for the past 3,300

Biblical contradictions
it is the Yes, "in THAT sense" is certainly key! tha is not w Likewise when I used "Caucasoid" and "Australoid" as adjectives, used specifically in the context of enumerating the anthropological classifications into "races". (my context and statements were very clear) Is he the one who criticized my use of words ending in "oid"? :P What matter? _I_ know that I was using the technical terms correctly if others haven't read any anthropology articles that

How the hell does this th
Welcome back! You're stuck on QWK, too, eh? Yeah, they all kinda went teats-up with Y2K! (as did Bluewave, for that matter... some people are STILL having trouble with BW!) I found a great freeware QWK(& SOUP) reader just prior to Y2K, so was well used to it when I found out that it worked just fine with 4 digit dates! The key features I like about NFX are: -can handle any size of packets(QWK &/or REP) that

You don't agree? I guess you're either not American or are even less acquainted with their history/evolution than I am! Most of my fellow Canadians use the American right to bear arms as a point to show what evil violence-mongers the Americans are! :P (I hate dishonesty! even more when it becomes entrenched as a cultural tradition!)) My understanding of it is that the formers of the USA were most concerned that this new nation did not degenerate into

Another eventual killing
to Wasn't it around May or June of this year that the central body of the JW organization declared that they were no longer taking such a narrow forbidding stance on the blood transfusion issue? Your friend, (Cyberpope(the Bishop of ROM!)) (Yahoo AOL Instant Messengers' ID=Cyberpope67 ICQ UIN: 32617950 homepage:

True faith!
It don't get better than this! BTW, Jeff's been asked to post here. After all, I'm sure he can make the above look 'normal'.

I thought they turned a bit greenish before they "blue" chunks. <G> I LUV garlic. CMPQwk 1.42 16554

Banned Books
No, double "Ick." <G> CMPQwk 1.42 16554

Xmas Trees ...
I was wrong, Ed. You really ARE weirder than me! <G> CMPQwk 1.42 16554

(1/2) Another one rides t
The "Foxbat" was the Mig-25. And now it looks like Nahum the nitwit has booked as well. Maybe a Palestian rock nailed him on the noggin. CMPQwk 1.42 16554

Buses ...
Marty, cut it out! You're costing me a fortune in new keyboards and monitors! Surf 'n Turf? <G> CMPQwk 1.42 16554

Bush's "heart."
It always throws me when 'liberal' is used as a pejorative. Hereabouts it means "mainstream." Over in the debate echo, John Wilson, expatriot American now in Vancouver, was expressing gratitude about the turkey he'd just had for Thanksgiving dinner. He said it had two left wings.

Sure, George. The government controls the media and the schools. The Liberals, the Conservatives, the NDP, the Bloc Quebecois and the Alliance Party all belong to a conspiracy that just hands over the keys to the winner of each election. That anti-American sentiment is what brought us NAFTA, the longest unguarded border in the world, and 80% U.S. media content in 90% of the Canadian population. Yep: the right to be as ignorant as a dog's butt. If you want

Another eventual killing
Further investigation showed that 'news' report to be in error. While JW's will allow some blood fractions to be given, whole blood is still a no-no.

Banned Books
Still got more to go, but YES...Roseanne has already lost at least 1 1/2 people (that weren't husbands) [g]

Another nother 1/2
You abhor the whole state of Florida for ONLY one part of it? Topic Torque. Have you tried home cooking? If you are visiting Florida and rent a condo you can cook your own food right 'at home'. We've a local fish mart with the most succulent shrimp you've ever sunk your teeth into. Even shrimp loathers admit this particuliar shrimp is muchly akin to the best prime rib beef. Hate fish? Okay. Here is my contribution of cooking toruqes

Another nother 2/2
Facts? Now you really DO want to get into this non-issue. You did slightly in this post. I agree with your point to a point. Yet would you agree that as numbers of people go up, quality of life tends to go down? That is- outside the help of technology many people can not afford? earn of earn Yes. Getting people jobs so they can support themselves is a viable, fruitful solution to poverty and dependance on 'haves'. Yet how

(1/2) Another one rides t
A.-.A t 0 ((,_| ((,_\ 00 It scared the shit out of my cat. O.K., wise ass, here's the full picture again. Draw better poop. :-P CMPQwk 1.42 18775 Suicide Pact! You first.

Just joking, my man. You know, the Mind of the Bible Believer being empty and all that. I have internet ability. I use NetZero, that free internet thingie. I'm just a cheap bostitch. :-P I am. I took psych and sociology classes as electives in college instead of tennis or basket weaving or such. I've been interested in psychology for as long as I can remember. Kinda why this echo interests me, to examine why some people need to delude