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Hey, I never said I'd turn down a good Baptist piece of ass. Or a bad one, for that matter.

Why yes I have, one might even have reason to suspect I got The Complete Romances of Voltaire from just such a place. However there is rather a lot of information available on the web and it just seems a good bit smarter to bring the information to me than to go to it. When I do go to the library I find it much easier to first log on with a terminal program, find what I'm looking for and

Re: Debates Avoided.
I had thought you might understand, perhaps if I spell it out. I do not chose to so display my ignorance in a public forum. Yes that's an opening for some witless reply on your part, be sure to use your entire vocabulary of four letter words.

Re: The Fucking 'F' Word!
As I'm sure you continue to impress with your great command of vulgar language.

Re: Re:
Kool, I'd not thought that I could have missed anti-semitic leanings in his writings. My -faith- is restored. While a believer in God Voltaire had much to say about those that claimed to represent God on this earth which is why Voltaire was well traveled as well as spending a couple of stays in the Bastille

Re: Debates Avoided.
You're mistaking me for my sister, Dr. Wendy Coughlin, she has a thyroid condition and must take synthetic substitute thyroid medication. Micheal Coughlin is a rather big boy as well having been in the special forces in Vietnam and standing at 6'4''. Don't nobody mess with my sister or her kids, Micheal has rather a shorter fuse than I. Wendy's specialty as a clinical psychologist is stress management for those suffering from trauma.

Re: public posting of you
I know longer carry such but certaily did when the crack house was in full operation. E.O. and company packed knives and even a few guns and while not a match for a gun a length of rebar would go a long way to saving ones ass in a conflict with six crackheads, fortunately I never quite had to use so deadly an instrument, though it did convey a certain degree of security. They sit unused on top of the

Who hasn't, the history of of the Jewish people is a sad one, even today the ignorant attack those whose views differ from their own. In norther Ireland the Catholics and the Protestants kill each other with bombs and bullets with no regard for the innocent. This is why I -like- Voltaire, though a believer in God he was no friend to the church. Martin Goldberg has since retracted his statement that Voltaire was anti-semetic based upon research he's undertaken.

Re: Laurie's monkey
I have one ex who, although not hairy, is of short stature. She's the human equivalent of a praying mantis. Laurie would wind up being of substantially shorter stature if he got together with her. I was quite fortunate to have exited that relationship with my upper torso still adorned by an intact head. edweird

Re: Accomplices
I have multiple orgasms all the time. Typically seven or eight in a week. edweird

No failings now ...
And people can see leprechauns on December 25'th, too. <DARWIN>< I don't know what effect they would have on them.. Anything's possible. Ken Young

Jim Staal LIES! (nah)
How typical of fundyhood. While reading the contradictions in their paper idol, they close their eyes and mutter to themselves, "What contradictions? I don't see no steenken contradictions." Then they blindly move on to the next and deny its existance, too. Amazing. <DARWIN>< Brian La Plante

PK cult
Funny how you're never able to provide any specifics about how, exactly, I'm "sadly mistaken." Funny, huh? <DARWIN>< little redder in the face--you just might impress someone with your histrionics. Katherine Wintersnight

errors in your ways
Golly, here's a Christan cultist admitting that there are lots of gods. That's different. And when you find evidence for any of yours, do let me know, won't you? Thanks. <DARWIN>< be/become inimical to anyone NOT under control of the same authority.

errors in your ways
Your claim is that because David has no evidence for gods, it doesn't mean they don't exist. That's pretty ignorant and stupid, you know. The fact is that gods violate not only physical laws, they are illogical and encroach upon absurdity. That's one way to avoid having to provide evidence, I suppose. When you can find evidence for any gods, do get back to me. <DARWIN>< QUENTIN FAI

Dead baby
So do you lack the ability to detect _hatred_ and bigotry, asshole? Or did you lose that when you joined the Christian cult and had your humanity brainwashed out of you? Do get back to me with an _honest_ answer some time. <DARWIN>< Christian. But once they accept Christ as their savior, all homosexuality is gone. Ken Young (evil homophobic bigot) All I was saying was that while they are black, they cannot become Christian. But once

"What if!"
You don't like fried rattlesnake? <DARWIN>< profess religious faith. Like an adolescent gauntlet, each has his own mode of attack, and each squeals in delight at the others' supposed conquests. Jesse C. Jones

A Piece of the Blue Sky
The idiots spent half a million dollars to cut up the sidewalks around their cult property in Clearwater last December 5'th just to keep protesters from using them. Now the city around those properties have no sidewalks. We'll have to see how long the city will allow that before they start imposing fines on the crooks. <DARWIN><

God's gonna get you, asshole!
Except for people who don't believe in faiery tales. <DARWIN><