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Nature and labs ...
"Exorcism was a popular remedy for doctors in the middle ages. More than one doctor turned to his patient and said `What you need is more exorcise.'" Richard Armour Helping \/tian To Stop /\tortion Richard Smith ...I am Bobby of Borg. Your echo will be assimilated. Steve Asher ...I am not particularly interested in flaming Steve Asher

Echo Guidelines
Re: HOLYSMOKE Echo Guidelines Basic Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this echo are those of the writers identified in the header of each message. No other responsibility is expressed or implied for the content of the messages in this echo. Rules to Follow: [1] Please refrain from attempting to force your ideas on others, or to be deliberately disruptive in the echo. Those who engage in such activity may find their feed to this echo terminated. [2] As is

Greetings and farewell
Re: Greetings and farewell your message to Richard Garland. Don, Before I say anything, you should know that I am not a christian, no I'm not a goth either. Nor would I classify myself as following any other faith. I am making the presumption that you have had your fair share of annoying encounters with christians just as I have. I know Richard. He is one of the two christians that I consider to be good friends with despite

how do Christian sects de
I knew you guys would be unable to answer it.

Echo Guidelines
Why bother to post these rules if they are never followed, nor enforced

New gun
SUV t Land R No idea. X OLX 2.1 X "I have your FBI file." White House joke.

Dead baby
I think it's taken about the same anywhere. I doubt if anyone takes it as a good wish that the person adressed thus will have a lot of happy and prolonged sexual delight. _____________________________________________ \\_Patrick_ _Ford_ Team *Amiga*\\ |_____\\email: \\___|

be Oh no! Hot Toddy could do the actions, but he could /never/ use such language! _____________________________________________ \\_Patrick_ _Ford_ Team *Amiga*\\ |_____\\email: \\___|

in. You really DON'T have a clue, do you? X OLX 2.1 X "Hit me again, I love it!" Saddam Hussein

you An unwarrented assumption. Something I have come to expect from you. Don't you know how to be anything but denegrating and insulting to those who do not agree with you? X OLX 2.1 X "FEEL my pain?" Mr. President, You *ARE* my pain!

Christian from Northern Ireland
just Ah, so you DO advocate murder. Got an atheist tract to help me in my conversion

filty Now i know what I previously thought. You really DON'T know how to read. I don't do those things, and you know it. Perhaps cleaning up your act would give you a little more crdibility. I take no responsibility for your posts. I merely call's 'em like I see's 'em. with I here. I think that yours resounds through the annals of Fido like a trumpet. here? Brilliant comment! And, on a par with others I have recieved from

25th March 2000!!?
be I don't know. Presbyterians here are wealthier than Baptists, wear more formal clothes and shake hands more firmly. Presbyterians are likely to be local authority politicians in conservative areas, while Baptists fantasize about getting on the committee of a suburban tennis club. Presbyterians are more likely to cheat you. Baptists would except that they think too slowly. _____________________________________________ \\_Patrick_ _Ford_ Team *Amiga*\\ |_____\\email: \\___|

a The LAW in almost all western countries disagrees with you. There are a huge number of charges that can be brought from the quaint `loitering with intent' to `conspiracy to commit a felony'. _____________________________________________ \\_Patrick_ _Ford_ Team *Amiga*\\ |_____\\email: \\___|

I'll just add them to the list.... The way story is going, it does seem to make more sense if Anakin's son is seen like that, as it's his son that is to bring balance to the Force. I recently heard George Lucas almost apologising for the third(?) movie in the new tri- logy he wants to make. He said that it's going to be very, very dark and not much fun. We'll see. 5

Puss in Ugg Boots
of Was it Georgie "I huff gasoline by the litre" or Georgie "I be a webschmuck and MLM scam artist" whose HD went tits up"? If it was the latter (which I strongly suspect), his "qualifications", and I quote: "My background includes 30 years experience in the Electrical industry, a qualification in small business admin, and many years of experience in Computing, Bbs networking, Communications systems and Website design.."* is even more hilarious! What did he have to say about

A bad choice of disci
But they're all not the nasty LDL's, there's some HDL's there as well (or have I got that reversed?). There is _always_ the cheese melt option. Yep. He's pithed and definitely obscene.

25th March 2000!!?
to I see that you can't comprehend the difference between a robot and a human. The robot notes the message, deletes it and inserts the automated message as a place holder. The original is thus ignored by the humans here.

Plate Tectonic Read [2/2]
Oh, sure. It sounds great, but what of the lack of areobic benefit? They'll drive one around the bend, wiping the condensation from one's glass...I mean, I had to wait over 104 seconds to get a refill... Sheesh. Sounds like it was made by the same company that makes Wordon Gravimeters.

errors in your ways
No it's plain murder. Like many leaders of religions (eg. Saul of Tarsus), Stalin didn't believe in his state religion. See above and think Jimmy Swaggart or Duane Gish. The holocaust, the massacre at York, the Pogroms, the genocide against the Armenians... Same thing.