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Puss in Ugg Boots
Your pettiness is duly noted. Center for Dissemination of False Information (T.C.A.J.D.) Steve Kemp, Chairman CMPQwk 1.42 9833 Pave the Earth!

Echo Guidelines
Re: HOLYSMOKE Echo Guidelines Basic Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this echo are those of the writers identified in the header of each message. No other responsibility is expressed or implied for the content of the messages in this echo. Rules to Follow: [1] Please refrain from attempting to force your ideas on others, or to be deliberately disruptive in the echo. Those who engage in such activity may find their feed to this echo terminated. [2] As is

Berley 'em up! Reel 'em i
Hey Steve, just pull out your less than ample cock and wave it at her. Fucking coward! Center for Dissemination of False Information (T.C.A.J.D.) Steve Kemp, Chairman CMPQwk 1.42 9833 Pave the Earth!

Northern Ireland
No, I'm being non-sectarian by calling fundy protestants fundys. If the shoe fits, wear, it.

Try it...
Thinking is a shame? You don't get it, do you Richard. The bulk of the atheists here know your bible better than you probably will ever know it. It is with and because of that knowledge that they stopped believing in a mythical sky god.

Greetings. [1/2]
Setting aside the question of whether God exists, surely you see how much other people who believe in God project much of themself into their notion of God. Thus it's quite likely that what helped you was really "strength" or other qualities that were within yourself. As you've said you're interested in entering the field of psychology, look up the notion of "projection." I note that in all of what you said, you did not at all deal with Marty's

to it What part of "documented" are you having problems with? of No, Richard, the contradictions are there. It is because you haven't bothered to actually read your book that you don't know of their existence.

do. No, Richard, that was your request. And, no, Richard, I don't believe in the bible. It's you that are claiming that your book is true. As it stands, you have been given examples of why it isn't and you have ignored them.

errors in your ways
Hi Joe! Thank you for the clarification. I can also see where George would not know that coming into the echo (and yes, I'll include myself in that statement as well). In the christian community we would say a person with such an outlook was an agnostic with a leaning towards atheism. Understood. Seize the day! Rick

Arthur, Arthur!
Hi Curtis... On 07-28-99 07:40, Curtis Johnson penned the following to John Musselwhite re: Arthur, Arthur! Thanks for that. My encyclopedia are all at my ex-wife's and will now have to be replaced. I'm thinking of the CD-ROM Britannica this time... John

Hi Karl... On 07-28-99 18:57, Karl Schneider penned the following to Fredric Rice re: jesusfuckingchrist Although the various parts that make up "London" are in different counties, IIRC the City of London itself is just "London". Ellesmere. John

No failings now ...
a Actually, according to the OED, it is! But of course you know EVERYTHING, right, and facts don't mean shit to you! Your friend, (Cyberpope!) My Preferred netmail address is: 1:153/307

A bad choice of disci
If born without a uterus, one is just a "person". ("man"); one is a "female-man"("woman") if she comes with a uterus. Your friend, (Cyberpope!) My Preferred netmail address is: 1:153/307

Evolution in Action (b)2
Hi Laurie... On 07-30-99 09:43, Laurie Appleton penned the following to John Musslewhite Did you think I'd miss this one by your misspelling of my name again? re: Evolution in Action (b)2 They were not planted at all. The documented order is part of the immense amount of data we have available to us. Your gainsaying of it doesn't affect it one bit. Your professor of ditches and drains can quote till he's blue in the face, Laurie. He's already

Materialist Absolute.
Hi Laurie... On 07-30-99 09:30, Laurie Appleton penned the following to David Flechard re: Materialist Absolute. "Allele frequency in a population changes over generational time" is evolution, Laurie. You have to fit that observation into Creation Science, not try to sweep it under the carpet. They don't reject allele frequency, Laurie... they utilize it. It doesn't require any belief whatsoever. So you accept that Johnson quoting someone else's' review of a book by Sagan is an authority on anything

More Peppered Moths.
Hi Laurie... On 07-30-99 09:30, Laurie Appleton penned the following to David Flechard re: More Peppered Moths. Of course it is... Laurie doesn't understand what he writes and is often a perfect example of Hector's Law. Allele frequency, Laurie. It defines evolution. I can get more data on evolution delivered to my desktop in a couple of hours with lots left over than all the knowledge that existed on the planet when Darwin was alive, Laurie. Don't forget Dr. Leslie

NOT Reading Datwin?
Hi Laurie... This is fun on a dreary day... keep it up! On 07-30-99 09:32, Laurie Appleton penned the following to David Flechard re: NOT Reading Datwin? "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. by Charles Darwin" Just for fun I'll continue... "London: John Murray, Albemarle Street, 1859 Preface FIRST EDITION OF THIS WORK AN HISTORICAL SKETCH OF THE PROGRESS OF OPINION ON THE ORIGIN OF

Post-Rapture World.
Hi Laurie... On 07-30-99 09:35, Laurie Appleton penned the following to Todd Henson re: Post-Rapture World. Not at all, Laurie... we've read the quote in context as well as the rest of the book. And after taking that out of context you ignore the conclusion he is forced to make 93 pages later... that "Creationists are the liars, freely slinging their mud at all who cross their peculiarly myopic point of view." We're more organized than ever before, Laurie... We're

Probability & Chance!
Do I HAVE to? Oh yea. I have been so busy conversing with Appleton I didn't realise that you may not be aware of your problem. Sorry. In the case of Appleton, he MUST be aware of the things he is spewing because he simply cannot have missed it. I'm from a small city in the south of Sweden called Ronneby. We have a university here and I have been majoring in language and computer science. Hah! I did it.

(fwd) Song & Dance
I used to know a Jerry Kindall back home...I'll die if it's the same one. If you deal with him a lot, ask if he used to work for Quality Computers. If you get an affirmative, tell him you know me. This absolutely made my day. What's the source of the original bit that you seem to hear in just about every preacher's repertoire? Anybody?