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A bad choice of disci
Do you have a clue as to what "postulate" means, oh "Erudite One"? That's called "Circular Reasoning". You fully gave up on your 60/90 day program, haven't you. If Karl was a grain of sand on the beach he'd be infinitely smarter than you could ever conceive.

A Debate Account.
There you go, Laurie. A fact that you and the idiots that you shill for can't deny. Face it, Laurie, you are nothing but a spambot pithed by the likes of Gish.

It fully explains everthing about you, Jack.

Staal's shell game
Meaning you :P ,d00b, ._._.__._._000000__...__.._..___._. _) `----._ ._..__._._.__.___._ -_-__-_- _.' o`.__ =Chimmy= -_-__- _ _- _ _

Another Speaker Goes.
Did you actually read /anything/ I sent you? Specifically the mention of Church? Excuse me? Where am I going to learn about the theory of creation if not in a Church? Having said that, this is the same church who explained "The theory of evolution" in a sunday school class by taking apart a torch, putting all the bits in a bag, shaking the bag and explaining that if <evolution> was correct the torch would have reassembled itself! [0] I'm

So, present him with your fucking medal already. I'm sure he's god damned proud to be the recipient.

Letting people get killed is a message from your god? Fuck the bastard.

A bad choice of disci
The Papal pagan porkies are far "superior" to the Word of God! E.g. when Romans 3:23 says "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God", the Pope can top that, and define as doctrine that Mary the Virgin was kept free from all stain of original sin from the moment of conception ("Immaculate Conception"). When a Pope wants to get away with some conspicuous faking, he hops into his chair ("cathedra") and demands that his statement


"Mmmm! Pea soup! It doesn't have bacon in it, I hope..."

Evolution is NOT Science.
Are you attempting to pull that lame ploy again, Appleton?

It really does have the ring of authentic paranoid schizophrenia. At least there's no indication of potential violence in the letter.

Jim Staal LIES!
For your information...

Popoff - Cold Reading
Convince that you have the power to give them their virginity back through your special instrument.

As I have said before, I will accommodate the (f)lamers if the mood takes me. Cheers, Steve..

Another Speaker Goes
It is not an issue. According to several of the flakes in this echo, Satan is a "god construct of xtianity", and thus does not exist. I am looking for the return of Jesus Christ ("rapture"), not "pearly gates", or even Bill Gates. Cheers, Steve.. we descended from primates so I can write tot he scool bopards that use it. (Martin Goldberg buisnessman (sic) HolySmoke 25-4-99)

25th March 2000!!?
In concentrated sulphuric acid. slack s.

Poor baby. Can't take the heat, eh?? Drop the echo. It's that simple. slack s.

I have never used "garbage talk" to you. Not one impolite or profane word. Why are you not even willing to talk with me?? slack s.