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Re: Religion after 2000
I can't remember if it was Snaggletooth or Snagglepus. One or the other.

Religion after 2000
You can put it that way if you want. It's in the past an no longer relevant. Ok so you used parsecs instead of parsec when you wrote to me. Sorry I answered the original questions and assumed you had just made a typo. Not much. You could put it that way. My question is, why? You don't have to see. No matter how many times you say it, it won't be true. I am not Steve Asher. ------Copy of

"Superficially" Hogwash.
You self debunk yourself (Hector's Law) and then don't even notice it (again Hector's Law). Or did you notice and try to skip over it? Either way, you show yourself to be a moron again. Then why does the famous creationist Laurie Appleton say: "That is one of the joys of evolutionism isn't it? Since it makes a Creator superfluous, that leaves you free." "It provides a motivation for accepting evolution."

Let There Be Light!
Next time you reply, give up the busted shitpipe crapola. do you have anything valuable to say?

Mendel's Laws.
I didn't notice. I did notice that while dr. Behe does research in mutations of histone proteins that he should lknow better than to become a crationist. I didn't hear hiom say anything of value. You bet i dare you, Liar. Tell me all about 2LOT. I will then grind your face intot he dust and make youlook even more foolish than you do now.

Wrong Again.
I aksed you to quote what he said under oath, not this paraphrasing. Looks like you don't have the evidence....again.

and his First of all, why do you leave women out of the picture? Females can be homosexual too, and rape would not be unknown among primitives. Secondly, even in animal behavior, sex often has more to do with dominance than with physical attraction. Are you gonna argue cavemen or Genesis? Pick one and stick with it. John SeM. 2.25 UNREG Absolute power corrupts absolutely. God is all-powerful.

Heston Prynne
Nah...I really need the cash. <G>

Re: Heavenbound
Did you ever notice that Staal blames on 'Satan' actions HE happens to agree with? You can almost see the furtive look around to make sure nobody else can see the gleam of righteous satisfaction in his eyes. After all, another uppity nigger got what he deserved.

In As H I have faith that we live in a rational world, in which, for the most part, effect follows cause. I do not believe that any particular belief structure has an exclusive option on immortality, or the lack thereof. Nor do I allow myself to be influenced by those whose belief structures are different than mine. has I do not. All religions, including Athiesm are of equal value, that respect the rights of others.

just our a And, on top of that, they have bastardized the term "volunteer" by using it with "paid." I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by some kid who wanted "organize" the group of people who come to my house to learn about computers. Next thing would have been the governemt regulations, and then the PC speech. Obviously, I told him: No. Guess that'll put me on "the list."

CNN <> Fact
Fox is the network here that runs all the "paranormal" shows. Why am I not surprised that Jimbob likes their news broadcasts? SeM. 2.25 1111

Bible: facts vs. claims
age. There are many respected minds that disagree with that. the I do not yammer. I investigate, and talk with people who know what's up. There is lots of evidence that glaciers existed as far sounth as the Alps in Europe, and beyond the great lakes in Pennsylvania. The coastlines in Scandinavia are testimony that they had enormous glaciation there. And not a philosopher, cooking his own pet theroy? I don't believe you.

Bible: facts vs. claims
if And, so, the evidence of glaciation is meaningless? Our world has changed a LOT, and will continue to do so, whatever puny efforts we put forth to prevent it. I simply don't believe him, since his theory is at variance with the facts. I DO wonder why those who calim to be athiests seem to feel it is important to deny geological evidence. As much as I wonder why certain other people deny the existance of dinosaurs, up until

Look it up yourself. I am not interested enough.

of Beside the point.

Whacha think? 1/
And, what, pray tell, has that to do with me? I said "religions," not belief. I am not referring to any religious doctrine at all. who think I don't care wheter they disagree or not. The only fault I find with some athiests is that they think, because they maintain they have no religious beliefs they are free to attack those who do, and use the power of the state, under the guise of seperation of church and state. The

Whacha think? 2/
is Sorry you don't have a reasonable response. I was just getting interested in the discussion.

Friends: A sad war story.
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