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A bad choice of disci
Joy! It would be so much better to let the guy get killed by fellow inmates, perhaps.

Grynspam the happy spammer..
Laurie Appleton is a Creationist so of course he's an idiot.

WOOOOOOOO, another moron
He's a neo-Nazi Christian, it looks like. Thanks; I'll post it to my web site.

Complex to Simple.
I was never around when teams were being picked. I was at the college across the street in the computer room getting myself an education while my fellow classmates were running around throwing balls to each other. Really, I just don't see the need for PE these days.

25th March 2000!!?
Wouldn't it be better for all the _normal_ people in the world if you insane buttfuck nuts would just shoot yourself and get it over with?

Complex to Simple.
Unionized nuns. Amazing.

A bad choice of disci
That would be a panty-theist. <rofl!> That's _blasphemy!_ Good job. See you in Hell.

No homophobics now ...
done. Sorry, I don't talk with hate-filled homophobic bigots. Unless you wish to repent and beg forgiveness, that is.

Insane Creationist Retards
He's been punished repeatedly for making testable claims so I would tend to think he's incapable of learning a lesson from his discomfort. Trying to pretend he walked with a dead ex- president is, well, something a Creationist would claim.

Mormon cult
It reminds me of the few Holocaust-denying Jews that the white supremists make a great deal of.

Virgin myths
Where the hell is there any difference between the two mythologies? Other than the fact that the _Christian_ myths are contradictory, they're the same. <DARWIN>< jonny vee

murderous, godless
to He's not a TRUE Christian, obviously. Up until the point they start pulling the trigger, they're fine upstanding examples of Christianity, of course. Well, lately I've been thinking that O. J. Simpson has something to do with it. He's still got that knife, you know. The cops weren't able to find it. The mentally ill used to be treated. When it became unconsititional to protect people from themselves or to protect others from the insane, they were abandoned to

Bullet resistant underwear
They must learn it on the High School playground. That's great! A lesson of value was earned somewhere. You're in Texas, ain't ya? Turns out that Dallas is where the action is going to start. <DARWIN>< punishment for the society that Tolerates Homosexuals. Jerry Falwell

A Piece of the Blue Sky
The book is available on the Internet, I understand, which makes copyright and ownership somewhat loose. Lately, look for the web pages called "Ron the War Hero" since there's a possibility that that will be printed in book form shortly. And yeah, what's up with DopeFish.COM or .ORG <DARWIN>< 6:28 And the king said unto her, What aileth thee? And she answered, This woman said unto me, Give thy son, that we may eat him to day,

Bush WWW site
Hey, anybody who _chooses_ to live in Texas deserves the negative connotations traditionally attributed to Texans. <rofl> Might as well sign up with Scientology and be done with it. Has he run any pregnate girlfriends off of bridges into a river thereby killing her? If so, he's a shoe-in for the Presidency. Where did her money come from? Slavery? Prohibition moonshine? <DARWIN>< Fredric Rice Read up on Africa. It might be an education for you.

Steve Assher's insane lunatic bark raving rants
<rofl> This fuck's probably Linda Thompson on herion. Look out! The BATF is sneaking up behind you! <DARWIN>< in the 819 area code. Sue Armstrong

Golly. I hope it wasn't something _I_ said that upset you so much, dear little tender child. Run along and find your daddy. <DARWIN><

Satan's Plan
Robert Minton paid him. <snicker> (Inside joke, you see.) <DARWIN><

Jesse Christ Jones
Was that the one where The Skeptic Tank was mentioned? <DARWIN>< places all responsibility to be worthy as a human squarely upon YOUR shoulders. David Rice

George Pope's Hatred And Bigotry
You forget that I'm the one that archives the hatred and bigotry of buttfucks like you just so that I can rub your nose into it later: I personally would prefer to see the human race go via nuclear war than by the take over of homosexuality... then I wouldn't have to be witness to this erosion of our society that is now occuring. George Pope I've only just recently discovered that Genesis is really an encoded history of