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Sophistic wanking!
Ooops, I gave him the answer! Maybe your message and his reply will be in the mail before he sees it!

Dinner Plates!
Que? I shall bow to your wisdom on this, hole-boring not being something I know anything about. Paul

Thoughts After Death.
The ones that you need to make your "theory" work, for starters. Obviously, you don't know. Yet, in your ignorance, you support Tippler's "theory".

A Liar, and Tells Lies!
I guess he doesn't like his with anchovies and centipedes...

A Liar, and Tells Lies!
And I was so looking forward to seeing the Great Barrier Geek.. Is Inuit part of the Amerid choices?

Appleton is a liar

Appleton is a liar
You got it!

Appleton is a liar
Well, there's always that chance... Can I take that as a 'maybe'? <BSEG!>

A note of thanks...
Hardly, Bozo. You yourself claim that the RC's aren't xian. So, Staal, just who is the Holy Spook and why does your Jesus have a god father?

Appleton is a liar
I figured it would get someones attention. Got it!

Appleton is a liar
Saved for posterity..

Appleton is a liar
(God Dan) Saved... BTW, check with Judith. If she can't find a band wagon, maybe whe can find a carnival for you instead.

Appleton is not a liar
Though you are probably correct, I can only accept messages from the above personally. And, I doubt I'll get one from Hubbard that isn't as fake as Hubbard was!

What's the matter Staal? Can't read your own bible for yourself?

Friends: A sad war story.
Don't worry about it! I got the reference and can either watch the tapes I saved or find the book. Thanks again!

He'd have to figure out which way a gun was supposed to point first...

Happy New Year...
Happy New Year everyone! This is the first year in a long time where I've felt happy about what I've accomplished over the past 365 days. May 1999 be good to you all.

A Liar, and Tells Lies!
Hmmm how do you get here I've tried with both my FTP and WWW browsers and all I get is a message saying it doesn't exist Shane

Voices from hell
Just finish listening to the Art Bell <sp> radio talk show. Had some chick talking about voices from hell, so he played the tape. Again, it was a nice deep hole, great reference <somewhere/sometime/ in siberia>. A real lock down on the location or what? Also as per the norm, some scientest/s, missed giveing out any names of course, gee, i wounder why.

voices from a hellhole
From: CURTIS JOHNSON To: MARTY LEIPZIG Subj: Oil's well that How weird, 1'st Art Bell, now Marty. Same night/morning, it's enought to think the world will end.