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Sexual Acts
Both. Repeatedly. If you're lucky. Nothing to crow about, that's owl. LIVE! from the K/T Impact Point. Email:,

Sexual Acts
BZZZT! See the Paul Newman film of the same name. Plutonium is a mega nasty element, for precisely the reason you cite. In fact, there's a concrete crypt at the University of Chicago formed from a few rooms where some Mahattan Project scientist wondered what two lumps of plutionium would do if nudged together with a screwdriver. LIVE! from the K/T Impact Point. Email:,

<sound of McCullough Chainsaw revving down> LIVE! from the K/T Impact Point. Email:,

Tour de farce.
Jitender wondering why bourbon with no ice was so neat, said "Tour de farce." to Marty Leipzig So is ExLax. A moving experience. Your refusal to seek help is a cry in the dark for help (FundyPsyche, Inc.) I hope that helps. LIVE! from the K/T Impact Point. Email:,

"Pull out, Agnes! You've hit an artery!" LIVE! from the K/T Impact Point. Email:,

Tour de farce.
I'm surprised that his eating habits are that well formed. I would have taken him for an avowed coprophiliac.

Mushrooms Talking!
Does this mean that you don't accept it generally? Since you've read it and I don't have access to it at present, would you mind citing some of those sources that Velikovsky mentions? I'd take it as a personal favor, and would be inclined to thank you were you to do so. Out of curiosity, where did you get these excerpts? I'd like to see them for myself. This doesn't say much of value. In fact, it completely misses my

Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death
If God wants everyone to find salvation, why is it so hard to attain? Out of curiosity, what scriptures support this "lane" business? --P. G. Simpson

Dating Blunders.
So, Laurie, did any evidence kick you in the ass yet? Apparently not. Evidence probably has mistaken your head for your ass and is tired of kicking a rock.

Dating Blunders!
(God Dan) OK, but don't forget to wear a foot-condom.

Dim-sim Fossils.
That's really good, Laurie. You have just admitted to being an idiot. Keep up the self-debunking, Lardhead.

Evil God-haters
Were you nearly driven from the same Echoes because you claim that God[sic] drives a Starship and has abducted you?

Documentation??? (1 of 2)
Evidence of this rather extraordinary wildass claim?? Unless your SOURCE actually SAYS that people will be murdered or euthanized, said SOURCE is evidence of no such thing. Your claim that "there is no other planet" is also sheer hogwash. You are using this UN-EVIDENCED claim in lieu of the evidence you do not have and cannot produce for your earlier claim that Pagans and New Agers advocate mass murder of unwilling human beings. You lack this evidence, and cannot produce

Of course Steph also feels that there's some sort of conspiracy to keep the third world countries down. Helping \/tian To Stop /\tortion Richard Smith

(no subject)
Nope. In fact, the late Anton Szandor LaVey was known to chide users of blood other than their own. He had a saying that one good orgasm would kill any human so weak as to need the blood of another to make hir magick work. slack s.

Narrator or Translator
Au contraire, Appleton. Everyone here knows you are insane as well as ignorant. It is only you denying that fact.

Amusing Inbound Mail
Or Pat ROBert$on, for that matter........ ROTFLMAO!!!!! slack s.

They're still at it...
Not necessarily. You may not have given them anything. If you called an 800 (888) number, your phone number was probably displayed and captured when it rang in (the policy for this was set long ago it was figured that companies that pay for the phone call have the right to know where the call is coming from). After that, it's just a few seconds to connect it to the CDRommed Criss-Cross Directory for your area code, and read

Narrator or Translator.
Where's the evidence of the Flood, Laurie? You keep on missing that telling point. The problem is your, Lardhead. You haven't provided any evidence of your silly claim. You recognized it, you responded to it. And, you still don't have a shred of evidence to back up your idiotic rants. See above. You claim one thing and then disregard the import of your claim. Yes, Dickhead, you are a liar. None of which supports your claim for a flood, let

1. Yet you said it wasn't used in Australia. Period. 2. You mean shipments can't be delivered by rail down there? Why not? Helping \/tian To Stop /\tortion Richard Smith