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Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death
Odd. The last time I looked, the "pagan/wiccan/gaian death-cultists" were hardly overrunning the United States or Europe. Are you in possession of some information that I haven't heard about? Have you any details on these changes? Sources, please? More inflammatory language. Would you like me to refer to you as a pseudo-Christianic death-cultist? --P. G. Simpson

Sexual Acts
Indeed. The list is an extensive one, and shows that not all of the atrocities were committed on one side. --P. G. Simpson

Velikovsky's Case.
You really are nuts. There's no evidence that the Hebrew Moses existed either, Appleton. The maurading of the Hebrews is quite well documented by sources extant at that time. However, not a single one of those sources ever gives credance to the Hebrews being a world power by any stretch of the imagination. The evidence is written in documents of the courts in question at the 'Biblical Times' of the Hebrews. There is more than one source for the events,

PA Murders
You can see how Steph might be confused, though; more than one witch was accused of heresy and by degrees racked up enough charges to be accused of witchcraft. Only those who had confessed and repented of their sins. They did the same thing with heretics who recanted as well, so that these people could die in a state of grace. --P. G. Simpson

Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death Links
Then what is? My understanding is that the sacrifice is at least as equal as the bit about accepting Jesus as savior. --P. G. Simpson

Your Rescued Baptist.
Bullshit, Laurie. Finding any single particular fossil is very difficult. Finding others that support the theory is fairly common. Just because you don't have a clue on how fossils come into being doesn't make your lack of learning a theory. Your lack of education only points to the fact that you are ignorant. That you ignore any additional information points to the fact that you are intentionally ignorant, n.g., dumb as a post.

Paluxy Footprints.
No. Gish has produced a number of documents with questionable sources and even more questionable conclusions. He is a founding member of the Institute for Creation Research, an organization that is hardly known for its intellectual honesty or rigorous, unbiased methodology. --P. G. Simpson

PA Murders [1]
<grin> He'll probably say that it wasn't really a religious expression. --P. G. Simpson

Amusing Inbound Mail
I don't doubt it. But many Christians are in the business for the same reason. --P. G. Simpson

(no subject)
Um, this should be addressed to someone else. I dunno who wrote it (though I have some suspects), but it wasn't me. --P. G. Simpson

World Wide Flood.
Paleontological evidence. Archaeological evidence is that which is based on human-made artifacts; archaeology will also deal with human or animal remains if such are found at an archaeological site. However, archaeologists are trained mostly to recover artifacts and examine the site as an area of human activity. They are not paleontologists. What other phenomena leave such a deep silt layer? Possibly, though I wouldn't bet on it. The fact that there's good evidence for a large flood in that area

This Week in HolySmoke - Fred's Pick of the Best
Glad to see that TWIHS is being sent out again. And, congrats to Relatif!

PA Murders
No, no. No. Cannot one also build bridges out of stone? LIVE! from the K/T Impact Point. Email:,

New Chinese homonid?
I saw that, I was merely agreeing through clenched teeth. Actually, I think you're not that far off. But, it's not the war, per se, that brings on the prosperity; it's the aftermath with the attendant higher technology, higher employment and raised standard of living. All at the vanquished's expense. Ain't life a bitch? LIVE! from the K/T Impact Point. Email:,

"Pull out, Agnes! You've hit an artery!" LIVE! from the K/T Impact Point. Email:,

Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death
No voluntarily. That's what nuns in parochial school are for; especially Sister Mary Diesel. LIVE! from the K/T Impact Point. Email:,

Any Muslimn Fundys out th
Nahhh...I just hunker down in the villa, pop a few dozen cold ones and watch CNN and SkyNet news for my USDA-MDAR of paranoia. LIVE! from the K/T Impact Point. Email:,

Sexual Acts
Both. Repeatedly. If you're lucky. Nothing to crow about, that's owl. LIVE! from the K/T Impact Point. Email:,

Indeed. Fideaux is being a bad boy, as I missed this first time around. I'd be on that like a cheetah on an oryx. The Ogallala Aquifer has a huge capture and recharge area; it is not a hydrodynamically closed system. It cannot, will not and ain't gonna "run dry". It may, due to water coning and excessive withdrawal via pumping, have it's piezometric surface lowered to such a degree that it will fail to produce at (a.) historic rates),

2nd.Law of Thermodynamics
were If one is in charge of the _cyma reversa_, you know, responsible for taking care of a pointed arch having on each side a reversed curve near the apex, <sheesh>, is one an Ogee-tender? LIVE! from the K/T Impact Point. Email:,