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I was abducted!
And the abduction included the usual lobotomy, right? In the words of the Eagles: "You're a victim of this. You're a victim of that. Your momma's too thin and your daddy's too fat. GET OVER IT!" There are consequences to being no smarter than the machine. Enjoying that neo-Luddism, are you, Shane? I'd love to see you spend a month as a hunter-gatherer. ::snicker:: They're here and they're still unidentified.

New Chinese homonid?
I loved the press thingy with Orin Hatch (hi, Stevie Q) the day Clinton testified. He kept calling the special prosecutor 'JEFF Starr'. <G>

Actually, since I quoted the whole paragraph, I'm content to display it for all to see. I don't see that the paragraph, standing all by itself, is out of context. Does it not say what you wanted it to say? If not, then you should have rewritten it before sending it out. If it does, then what are you bitching about? BTW, I note no evidence from you for the seemingly global conspiracy to keep down the third-world countries that

PA Murders
Based on quotes by Pat Sherman, quotes that essentially agreed with you? Would you like some cheese with that whine, Steph? Evidence BTW, I still have no reason to trust your claims over that of the OED. You'll just have to learn to live with that. <G> So, in essence, you agree that what you posted and what I posted agree, yet you denigrate me and the person who happened to do the research based on

Creation: Day 3
Bwahahahahahahahaha I am Murray, the all powerful demonic skull The Third Day Richard Jordon The alarm clock buzzed obnoxiously (and anxiously) at the appointed time. Angel Linda gently rolled over and turned it off before it could disturb God. She propped herself up on one elbow and looked at his sleeping form. She smiled and idly wondered whether Gods learned sexual prowess in the Divinity College or if they all just came by it naturally. She had never

Creation: Day 1
Bwahahahahahahahaha I am Murray, the all powerful demonic skull The First Day RICHARD JORDON In the beginning there was nothing, absolutely nothing. No mass, no atomic particles, no Big Macs. There was darkness, there was quiet, and there was nothing. Now some of you readers might be geeky, wormy little philosophy majors who will argue that the existence of 'nothing' and 'darkness' and 'quiet' means that something did indeed exist. Get a life! God said there was "nothing"

Creation: Day 4
Bwahahahahahahahaha I am Murray, the all powerful demonic skull The Fourth Day Richard Jordon The fourth day started a lot like the the third day had started, except for the argument between Veronica and Linda over who would get to wake up God. Eventually a very contented God got them both on their merry little ways, cleaned himself and began to dress. He slipped into a comfortable pair of Levi's and a Mozart concert tee shirt. His trusty

Creation: Day 6
Bwahahahahahahahaha I am Murray, the all powerful demonic skull The Sixth Day Richard Jordon God woke up and immediately screamed. Somehow Angel Theodore had managed to worm his way back into the divine apartment. The faggot was just about to apply his mouth to God's 'little buddy' when God woke up. God was fully awake and alert in an instant. He picked up Angel Theodore by his hair, carried him out onto the balcony, tore his wings off

Creation: Day 5
Bwahahahahahahahaha I am Murray, the all powerful demonic skull The Fifth Day Richard Jordon The fifth day of creation began with one whopper of a divine hangover. God heard the alarm clock, zapped it into nothingness, and proceeded to kick Angels Veronica, Linda and Theodore out of his bed. They left, all somewhat dissappointed by the lack of early morning play time beneath the sheets. God climbed back into bed, rolled over inside his blankets and proceeded to

Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death Links
I note that you continue to ignore Curtis Johnson's post showing that the actual mean time was three days, with five being exceptional. Of course, since you want to prove your bit of secundum quid, you'll ignore Curtis. <G> See above. I note no citations, no evidence that this is so. Got any? Otherwise, you're unfounded, and most likely debunked. I note you agree here for a moment, then deny it again. Can't have it both ways, Steph. Your dishonesty

I'm skeptical that `disconnecting' a point from a `nodelist' would have the effect you desire. Terry

Steve Asher: Victimizer Bunny.
Yet prior to that you (obviously ignoring the echolag, as you put it) accused me of wrong-doing. Separate standards, eh Steph? No more so than yourself, who was all for accusing me of wrong-doing without finding out first. Pot calling the kettle black. Hund maskrats? WTF are you talking about now, Steph? BTW, musk is available from glands under the tails of both male and female musk deer glands that are definitely NOT dependent on testes. And

Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death
of And you'd be opposed to that? <G> Helping \/tian To Stop /\tortion Richard Smith

Hello John. You are a jerk al right! Thanks for removing all doubts! Regards Langston

O Well, i KNOW for a fact that the O argument is bogus. I'm O-Neg, and they LOVE me to death!

f*** with the universe
Bwahahahahahahahaha I am Murray, the all powerful demonic skull God doesn't f*** with the universe. I am forever astonished by how many mistakes could be avoided if people would just think about what they are saying. This is especially the case in religion. An example of this is the assumption that God is male. Obviously God is a woman, because God doesn't have a penis. The proof of this is by omission: nowhere in the Bible is

Fredric Rice altering quo
Well, try it and see how long you last. Your last quote editing has you on thin ice as it is...seeing as how David agrees with me that YOU are the only one who could have changed it. Yes my dear...with talons nicely sharpened. Poor widdle Stevey. Peeing his pants cuz he's so scared of the big bad woman who sees through his lies. Us people without pricks ain't supposed to do that, are we? OOOOPS! Since you don't have

Sexual Acts
After reading Flechard and Parker for a bit, you're surprized? I'm currently waiting for Steph to say that they really weren't nuclear explosions, as there were much greater explosions further down the line <G> Helping \/tian To Stop /\tortion Richard Smith

Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death Links
<blink> I don't have a death-cult that I'm aware of. I think you're getting me mixed up with someone else...! Paul

Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death Links
I bet not. Going to give me odds, Don? <G> <G> I think you need to break it down into smaller words, personally. But I may be underestimating him Helping \/tian To Stop /\tortion Richard Smith